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Developer and Operations Engineer

Theatro Labs, Inc is looking for a Developer and Operations Engineer to work in Richardson, TX and various unanticipated locations throughout the U.S.

Position:  Developer and Operations Engineer


Job Duties

  • Perform large-scale server configuration, deployment, and management for clients.
  • Verification of all system updates.
  • Design and develop automated systems and platforms to reduce repetitive work and human errors.
  • Monitor systems and proactively mitigate issues using data collection to ensure a stable environment.
  • Scale our infrastructure to meet rapidly increasing demand.
  • Stay current with the overall Linux Security Climate. Harden servers against potential threats.
  • Customize Cloud Operation Systems.
  • Collaborate with different teams to fulfill customers’ expectations.
  • Customize Theatro Operation Systems for nationwide customers.

Use of MATLAB, Bash, Shell, Linux, Algorithm Design and Analysis, Parallel Computing.

Position may require travel.

Minimum Requirements

Education: Must possess a Master’s Degree in Systems Engineering or related field.

Experience: 12 months experience in the position offered or a related position.


Special Skills

Aforementioned 12 months experience must include the use of the following skills:

MATLAB, Bash, Shell, Linux, Algorithm Design and Analysis, Parallel Computing.


Offered Salary:  $86,861.00

Job Location: 307 Hilltop Avenue, Richardson, TX 75081

Contact: John Nadaskay

Apply to e-mail: johnn@theatro.com

About Theatro

Theatro is a Dallas-based technology startup pioneering the market’s first voice-controlled enterprise wearable for retail, casinos, hospitality, and distribution. Our “heads up, hands-free” mobile solution provides a software suite of productivity and communication applications through a SaaS (Software as a Service) offering designed to optimize employee productivity and ability provide amazing customer experiences.