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Get to know Theatro

Your guides to a fully connected Frontline workforce

At Theatro, we believe your Frontline workforce should be fully connected, informed, and confident to effectively interact and serve customers.

We provide a revolutionary Mobile Communication Platform that allows ALL Frontline workers to stay connected with each other, experts, managers, and critical enterprise systems in real-time. No one is left out of the loop, and everyone has access to information to successfully do their job.

several retail employees standing and laughing together
a female retail employee wearing a blue shirt and using a theatro device is helping a female customer retrieve a pillow from a shelf

Who we are

Theatro is a Dallas-based company serving the world’s most notable brands including: The Container Store, Bass Pro/Cabelas, Tractor Supply Company, Walgreens, Macy’s and many more.

We are… innovators for the forgotten hourly worker, the game-changers who want you to win, and the locksmiths who can help you unlock the value of your most valuable assets—your frontline team members.

Our team is comprised of industry leaders, technology experts and experienced Frontline workers who understand the exact challenges you face and how to help you run a consistent and successful operation every single day. We are passionate about helping you connect everyone from HQ to the Frontline, streamline fulfillment and delivery to the curb, instantly locate help from team members and experts, and enabling your team to provide exceptional customer experiences… even on their very first day.

We are Theatro.

What we do

We are a team of collaboration experts that can guide you in unlocking your teams full potential and help you overcome communication and operational challenges that hinder your success.

We’ve experienced the struggle first hand with gaps in communication caused by subpar technology and disconnection. That's why we are on a mission to connect every frontline employee with Theatro’s “heads up & hands free” voice-powered mobile communication platform to enable their success, improve productivity, and drive long-term competitive advantages for our customers.

two retail employees giving each other a fist-bump
3 retail employees standing in a circle talking and smiling

Who we help

Customers like you who are looking to empower their teams and win in today’s competitive market! We aim to enhance the experience of the 300,000 and growing employees who use our voice-powered solution every day. Our customers’ teams report higher levels of satisfaction with their jobs and are connected, informed and empowered to access critical knowledge they need to do their job successfully.

Purpose-built tech to empower your workforce