A Communication Solution Like No Other

A workforce that isn’t connected negatively impacts service capabilities and the bottom line. Theatro’s revolutionary communication solution closes the communication gap, improves employee productivity and eliminates endless chatter from walkie-talkies that gets tuned out by frontline workers anyway. By connecting frontline team members to each other, experts, managers and critical enterprise systems, everyone gains access to the information they need to do their job well … even on day 1. 

Intelligent Assistant

At the center of our communication solution is Theatro’s AI-powered Intelligent Assistant. Through a simple conversational interface, employees gain access to all the information they need to do their job well.

Conversational Platform

Theatro’s conversational computing platform is an extensible and API-rich platform that allows our workforce-optimized apps to seamlessly integrate with other critical enterprise systems. 

Workforce-Optimized Apps

Theatro’s workforce-optimized apps are designed to help teams stay connected, automate processes and deliver seamless service — all while remaining ‘heads up & hands-free.’

Your Workforce's Mobile Collaboration Platform

The right technology solution should help organizations do more with less. By removing communication barriers, enterprises can unlock the value of their most valuable asset, the frontline team member. Theatro’s end-to-end ‘as-a-service’ mobile collaboration platform connects everyone from HQ to the frontline to ensure everyone is informed, engaged and connected.

The Communicator

It all starts with our Communicator, a voice-controlled computer that intelligently connects your entire hourly workforce through a simple conversational interface. The Communicator is included as part of our solution at no cost to you. Plus, our teams monitor system health and device performance and will deliver upgrades to you automatically. Sure beats buying a bunch of smartphones.

Theatro | Manager's Mobile App

Manager's App

Our Manager’s App is a smartphone app that leadership can use to keep their teams informed, engaged and connected at any time and from anywhere. Whether they need to communicate one-on-one or with an entire store or region, our Manager’s App enables leadership to disseminate information in real-time.

Content Distribution Manager

Theatro’s Content Distribution Manager is the world’s first content management platform built for voice. Using CDM, field leadership and HQ teams can now easily automate and deliver promotional updates, policy changes and other critical messages right to the ears of their frontline teams. 

Theatro | Content Distribution Manager

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