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A workforce that isn't connected can't serve your customers – or your bottom line. Theatro's revolutionary SaaS platform, AI-powered virtual assistant and our voice-controlled Communicators give your team the information they need...
at the speed of thought.

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Workforce Optimized Apps

Our suite of workforce apps is designed to allow hourly employees to access the information they need instantly, with a simple voice command. Whether they’re a veteran or they’re on the floor for the first time, they’ll have the answer to any question, anytime – with no screens to distract and hamper productivity.

Meet The Apps

Conversational Platform

Theatro’s conversational computing platform brings it all together. It’s an extensible and API-rich platform that allows our workforce-optimized apps to seamlessly interact with systems for order management, human capital management, task management and more. Our platform also supports an ecosystem of complementary partner apps that add layers of features, sophistication, and intelligence to your Theatro deployment.

Intelligent Assistant

At the center of our Conversational Platform is Theatro’s AI-powered Intelligent Assistant. Through a simple conversational interface, the Intelligent Assistant connects your employees to the right people in your organization and accesses critical enterprise data from your corporate systems. Enable every employee to answer any question, even on their first day.

A Complete SaaS Solution Like No Other

Theatro’s complete SaaS solution enables organizations to get out of the device and software management business and instead focus on what matters – driving customer engagement and sales. Stop buying expensive hardware that becomes obsolete in a year. Our voice solution includes:

  • Our voice apps bundle
  • A Communicator for every working employee
  • Unlimited training forever, for every employee
  • Live, in-ear support for every employee
  • Proactive hardware replacement
  • No hardware or software obsolescence

The Communicator

It all starts with our Communicator, a voice-controlled computer that intelligently connects your entire hourly workforce through a simple conversational interface. We include our Communicator as part of our solution, at NO COST to you. We monitor system health and device performance, too – and deliver upgrades to you automatically. Sure beats buying a bunch of smartphones.

Manager’s App

Our Manager’s App is a smartphone app that provides managers on the go with access to Theatro’s in-store capabilities, improving span of control. You can talk privately with individual employees, communicate with an entire store or region, and monitor performance….all from Theatro’s Manager’s App.

Content Distribution Manager

Theatro’s Content Distribution Manager is the world’s first content management platform built for voice. Automate the delivery of mission-critical messages to every hourly worker, including training and compliance messages. A/B test your messages to drive improvements in facility performance. If you need to communicate effectively with your workforce, there’s no other choice.

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