Your Employee Communication Platform

Your workplace communication platform should be accessible and useful for everyone from HQ to the Frontline. And because your needs will likely change over time, we’ve designed our mobile communication platform to help you drive ongoing innovation and meet evolving market demands. 

Digital Transformation

To digitally transform your workplace, you need your most valuable resources on the grid. Theatro enables Digital Transformation all the way to the Frontline by connecting every Frontline employee to the rest of the enterprise as part of our end-to-end “as-a-service’ Mobile Communication Platform.

Intelligent Decisioning

Make data-driven decisions to streamline and automate communication and operational processes as OneTeam. Our Mobile Communication Platform provides insights about Site Performance, Behavioral Analytics and Process Transformation to help you take action and drive rapid innovation. 

Voice Applications

Your team can provide better service and work more efficiently when they’re empowered to be “heads up and hands-free.” Our suite of customizable voice apps enables your Frontline team members to use their voice to quickly access everything they need to do their job well—even on their first day. 

A Mobile Communication Platform Built for the Frontline

We’ve always believed your Frontline had a voice, so we built our mobile communication platform to help them use it. Once your teams are connected, improving communication in the workplace, accessing critical information and automating manual processes is only the beginning. 

The Communicator

It all starts with our voice-controlled Theatro Communicator which is powered by an AI-based Intelligent Assistant. Team members and managers can use their Communicators to access countless voice apps designed to remove communication roadblocks, increase productivity and accelerate service levels. 

Theatro | Manager's Mobile App

Manager's App

Leadership can use our smartphone app to keep their teams informed, engaged and connected at any time and from anywhere. Whether they need to communicate one-to-one or with a single location or region, our app enables real-time communication so important information is never missed. 

Content Distribution Manager

HQ and Field Leadership teams can send or schedule promotional updates, policy changes or other critical messages right to the ears of their Frontline teams using our content management platform built for voice. 

Theatro | Content Distribution Manager

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