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Discover how Theatro's collaboration platform enables leadership to connect, inform and engage with the frontline.


Unlock the value of your frontline teams

Break down communication barriers that wear on employee engagement, operational profitability and customer satisfaction. 

Connecting frontline workers to each other, experts, managers and critical enterprise systems gives every team member access to the information they need to be successful — even on Day 1. 

Theatro’s mobile collaboration platform helps enterprises streamline processes, increase communications across teams and deliver seamless service to meet ever-revolving demands.

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Theatro Mobile Collaboration Platform

Intelligent Decisioning

Streamline and automate communication and operational processes as OneTeam through Rapid Innovation, Process Transformation, Site Performance and Behavioral Analytics.

Digital Transformation

Enable digital transformation across the enterprise by connecting every frontline employee to the enterprise through Theatro’s end-to-end ‘as-a-service’ mobile collaboration platform.

Voice Applications

Empower your frontline teams to be “heads up & hands-free” with a suite of customizable voice apps that connect them to each other and the critical enterprise systems they need to do their job well.

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Theatro’s collaboration platform brings together the advantages of a voice-controlled mobile computer and new workforce-optimized apps to solve the massive communication gaps experienced across the enterprise.

“There is something magical that happens when you hear someone’s voice walking through something.”

– Michael Handal, Senior Director of Operations, Walgreens


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