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Operational success starts with seamless connection

With all your people, systems and workflows in sync, teams can work more productively and meet customer needs like never before.

Trusted by the world’s most notable brands

Bring your teams together as one

Theatro enables you to create one team across frontline, field and headquarters resources. Everyone gets to play their part and are empowered to collaborate, make decisions and help their business be successful.

Run your operation better

With Theatro, you gain countless ways to organize your frontline to work when, where and how you need to run a consistent operation. Everything from chatting one-to-one, participating in the day's game plan or closing the loop on customer requests is all made possible with voice.

How to drive your competition crazy

As if delivering the fastest service and loyalty-building experiences weren't enough, Theatro sets you ahead of your competition and enables you to:

Connect everyone

Theatro closes communication gaps by connecting every team member, not just the select few with access to expensive handhelds. That's how everyone can collaborate and work as one team.

Optimize productivity

Actionable data is essential for optimizing performance. That's why Theatro enables you to digitize workflows, gain insights into employee and team performance and make data-informed decisions.

Accelerate innovation

The best innovation solves real business challenges. Theatro collaborates and partners with its customers to uncover strategic opportunities to accelerate innovation where it will make the greatest impact.

Steps for success

Prove the value

Start small and experience the benefits of a full connected frontline team. We’ll provide the tools and guide you every step of the way.

Connect everyone

Deploy Theatro’s Mobile Communication Platform, workforce-optimized apps and Theatro Communicators to connect your entire enterprise.

Win as one team

Tap into your team’s full potential to optimize your entire operation and seize opportunities to drive ongoing innovation to meet evolving market demands.

Steps for success

Start small and experience the benefits of a connected team in your stores. We’ll provide the tools and guide you every step of the way.

Implement Theatro’s Mobile Collaboration Platform and deploy workforce-optimized apps and Theatro communicators to connect every worker, automate processes and deliver seamless service.

Tap into your team’s full potential to optimize your entire operation and make everyone a winner.

2023 Retail CX Survey


2023 Retail Customer Experience Survery

See why more than 40% of American shoppers found shopping at physical retail stores to be "less enjoyable" than pre-2020

Theatro QR Code Engine

Connect with QR Codes

Learn how the Theatro QR Code Engine (QRCE) can improve the customer experience by creating digital connections between your customers and frontline teams.

RIS Software LeaderBoard 2023

Theatro Voted #1 Leader in Technology Innovation for Third Straight Year!

Check out our summary report to see how Theatro performed in RIS' annual customer satisfaction survey!

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Theatro Success Story

Customer Spotlight —

"Theatro affords you the opportunity to consistently communicate with everyone by leveraging this fantastic platform."

- Michael Handal, Senior Director of Operations, Walgreens

Leveraging our platform

Creating Digital Connections for Better Human Connections

Discover the benefits of QR codes