Unlock The
Productivity Potential
of Your Workforce

We've reimagined the mobile-first revolution using voice & artificial intelligence to unlock the massive productivity potential of millions of hourly employees.

Theatro's SaaS mobile IoT solution gives your hourly employees immediate access to our voice-controlled collaboration apps and your existing enterprise apps... all with our free IoT voice-controlled computer and Intelligent Assistant.

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Theatro In Action

Watch a demonstration of Theatro's Intelligent Assistant in a hands-on, real-world retail environment. We connect employees to each other and to critical enterprise information, enabling hourly workers to provide incredible customer experiences that drive performance. Watch this video to see it for yourself.

32 million hourly service employees are under-performing without access to mobile apps

Even when all of your customers are connected, why are hourly workers so disconnected? In fact, only 10% of hourly workers have access to mobile technology. There has to be a better way.

Employers of large hourly workforces have tried and failed using smartphones as "the employee mobile device"

While mobile has spawned massive productivity gains across almost every sector of the world’s economy, the mobile revolution has left the hourly retail worker behind. Employers have tried and failed at implementing consumer-grade devices. These solutions have proven to be expensive, prone to theft, and the screen creates a big distraction that ultimately leads to lower worker productivity and poor customer experience.

What would it be like if every hourly employee was connected with a mobile device?

There would be an explosion of productivity & innovation from unlimited mobile apps. Employees would get instant access to information to better serve customers. They would receive intelligent assistance from machines to perform tasks. And organizations will now have a new way to lead their teams with a new breed of individual performance data.

Theatro has reinvented the mobile revolution to reach millions of hourly employees.

Even when all of your customers are connected, why are hourly workers so disconnected? In fact, only 10% of hourly workers have access to mobile technology. There has to be a better way.

Theatro Communicator - AI and voice solutions for hourly workers

Your Workforce Communication Solution

Empower Employees


No longer are employees left behind by the mobile revolution. Theatro gives them the tools to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Connected Workforce

Connect People
& Systems

Give every hourly employee access to enterprise information, all at the speed of thought. Maximize your investment in your enterprise systems.

Improve Productivity


Looking at screens means you’re not engaging with customers. Theatro enables employees to be ‘heads-up and hands-free.’


New Insights

For the first time, understand the performance of your hourly workforce with unprecedented precision. Insights are actionable, leading to improved performance.

Thrill Customers

Thrill Customers
and Drive Profits

Theatro is proven to lift sales, drive customer satisfaction, and lower operating costs.

Our Customers Love Us.

“Theatro is the biggest game changer I’ve seen in my 20+ years of retail experience. I can’t imagine everyone won’t be on them within a few short years.” -Craig Newburn, Divisional Vice President - Cabela’s
“I would absolutely recommend Theatro to others and frankly I would question [retail] executive leaders that are not seriously considering them.” - John Thrailkill, EVP of IT and Business Development, The Container Store
“Theatro is huge as far as empowering our associates and providing a best-in-class experience to our customers. Our customers have high expectations of phenomenal customer experience when they walk into Nieman's, and Theatro helps us truly deliver on their expectation."   - Scott Emmons, Head of Neiman Marcus Innovation Lab

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