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Empowering your frontline to deliver on customer satisfaction

Theatro’s heads up & hands-free solution enables enterprises to unlock the value of their frontline teams by connecting them to the people and information they need to do their jobs… all done through the power of voice! Theatro’s solution enables employees in gaming, hospitality and retail to provide outstanding customer experiences while driving employee productivity and operational profitability.

Your Workforce Communication Solution

Empower Employees


No longer are employees left behind by the mobile revolution. Theatro gives them the tools to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Connected Workforce

Connect People
& Systems

Give every hourly employee access to enterprise information, all at the speed of thought. Maximize your investment in your enterprise systems.

Improve Productivity


Looking at screens means you’re not engaging with customers. Theatro enables employees to be ‘heads-up and hands-free.’


New Insights

Understand the performance of your hourly workforce with unprecedented precision. Insights are actionable, leading to improved performance.

Thrill Customers

Thrill Customers
& Drive Profits

Theatro is proven to impact sales, drive customer satisfaction, and lower operation costs. 

Theatro ranked #1 Leader in Technology Innovation by RIS Software LeaderBoard 2021
Winning with a perfect score of 5.0, "a rare feat only achieved by two vendors in the 2021 Leaderboard" - Joe Skorupa, Consultant & Strategic Advisor, and Editor at Large RIS News
Imagine a Curbside solution that delivers both growth opportunity and customer satisfaction
Theatro's heads up & hands-free solution enables frontline employees to execute perfect Curbside service ... all done through the power of voice!

Theatro In Action

Watch a demonstration of Theatro's Intelligent Assistant in a hands-on, real-world retail environment. We connect employees to each other and to critical enterprise information, enabling hourly workers to provide incredible customer experiences that drive performance. Watch this video to see it for yourself.

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Leading in the new "as-a-service" economy

Subscription-based offerings are taking the enterprise technology market by storm as more and more companies are realizing the financial and operational benefits of device, platform and software-as-a-service.