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Seasonal Superheroes: The Benefits of Empowering Your Frontline

The seasonal superheroes your stores need clock in and serve your customers every single day. 

November is here, which means the peak shopping season is officially upon us. With all eyes on this year’s Black Friday deals and inventory availability, operations teams have only a few more weeks left to ready their stores for their biggest and most challenging events. During these peaks, shoppers are out in full force as they impatiently hunt down items from their shopping list, and your seasonal superheroes only need a few tools to help you run a successful operation. It’s time to demonstrate to your workforce that you support and appreciate them for all their hard work.  

The simplest and most effective way to help your Frontline is to invest in them. By providing your workforce with the tools they need to be successful every day, they can work smarter, faster, and happier. The Frontline depends on strong, consistent communication to get through the busiest of days. That is why walkie-talkies, wall phones, and other unreliable communication devices that weren’t specifically designed to fit the needs of the Frontline can become a constant source of frustration for many employees.  

Your seasonal superheroes' tools for success

Give your team the gift of new communication devices explicitly designed to fit their needs this holiday season. Associates should have the ability to instantly connect with each other, with critical back system information, and have access to a host of apps that will make their jobs easier and drive operational efficiencies. Not only will your seasonal superheroes be happier for it, but you will also see your stores become more successful without having to go out and staff extra associates.  

Once again, the holidays can be an incredibly stressful time for those working in stores. Thankfully, with updated in-store communication technology, offering recognition and encouragement to the Frontline is easy. Empower leadership to send individual or group messages to associates throughout the day to celebrate sales achievements, provide helpful tips or information or thank team members for a job well done. These tools will keep your team motivated during the more challenging times and remind them that you care about their work experience and well-being. If you are loyal to your workforce, they will show loyalty in return. 

Transforming teams into a superhero league of their own

Theatro’s voice-controlled Mobile Communication Platform creates a connected workforce that enables enterprises to quickly meet the demands of a highly competitive and evolving market. Our platform removes communication roadblocks to help you and drive alignment and boost team-wide satisfaction across your entire enterprise. If you’d like to see it in action, request a demo today or schedule a meeting with Team Theatro at NRF 2022: Retail’s Big Show, booth 6063. We would love to show you how we can help you transform your Frontline into a superhero league of their own this holiday season.