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A female sales associate is helping a customer with an outfit. Employee is wearing white button-down shirt, and has a Theatro device attached.

It’s Time to Rethink How You’re Driving Digital Connections

In the midst of the holiday rush, retailers are still facing shortages across the country that, once again, pose significant challenges to delivering on consumer demands. Labor shortages have affected nearly every major US industry this year, and retail has felt the brunt of it immensely. In fact, according to a recent study from the National Retail Federation (NRF), there are roughly two open jobs for every unemployed worker. Thus, with fewer seasonal hires this year, retailers must be Rethinking QR Codes and how their teams can collaborate and connect with customers to maximize the value of the workforce they already do have.


The Power of Connection and Rethinking QR Codes 

One way retailers are equipping stores to meet these challenges is by digitally connecting their frontline teams to each other and other critical enterprise systems. Enabling this kind of streamlined connectivity empowers team members to do more with less and can help close the productivity gaps created by a smaller workforce. In addition, digitized communications also provide leadership with insights into critical data that they can leverage to optimize store performance and employee productivity.

Streamlining Service with QR Codes

In addition to digitally connecting the frontline, retailers should also consider implementing QR code technology in their stores to digitally connect customers to the frontline. Need customer assistance? Have a question about a product? Need help picking up a Curbside or online order? QR codes can be used by the customer to make these requests and more. Not only can they help retailers accelerate service speed and improve the overall customer experience, but QR codes provide a simple, convenient and highly scalable solution that enables retailers to schedule labor when and where it’s needed.

Using the Theatro QR Code Engine (QRCE), QR code scans can trigger any number of digital workflows that can even send real-time notifications straight to the ears of all relevant team members. Not only does this change how retailers can dynamically reallocate labor, but interactions with QR codes also enable a unique and personalized visual experience for the customer that provides them with up-to-date information about the status of their request and who is on their way to help.

Connect with Theatro!

Creating a well-informed, connected, and equipped frontline workforce is key to optimizing store performance and consistently delivering on customer demands. Theatro partners with many of retail’s most notable brands to achieve this success day in and day out. And together, they are upping the ante even further by challenging the status quo and driving innovation in stores like never before. From creating digital connections and delivering personalized customer experiences to increasing employee productivity and engagement, Theatro drives effective frontline digital transformation like no other. Connect with Theatro today to schedule a demo or learn more!

Creating Digital Connections for Better Human Connections

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