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Meeting Evolving Customer Demands: Modernizing Retail Operations

As retailers continually struggle with labor constraints, customers have begun flocking back to stores with evolving customer demands, including expectations of exceptional service. “The consumer’s general hunger for the experience of shopping in-person, combined with their longing for missed traditions in 2020, will be evident over the holidays,” says NPD’s chief retail industry insider Marshal Coen. A study by the NPD found that physical store sales rose to 64% of all retail sales in September, the highest rate since pre-pandemic. This is why retailers are looking for solutions of Modernizing Retail Operations.Customers are more determined than ever to experience the benefits of in-store shopping again. Macy’s Santaland project at Herald Square in NYC, “A 13,000-square-foot Christmas village featuring an enchanted forest, rainbow bridge, trees, lights, snow-capped mountains, reindeer, train sets, Santa’s sleigh and oh so much more,” is just one example of how brick-and-mortar retailers can offer standout experiences to the public. A magical experience like this offers something unique to the customer but can only be possible through a well-organized and highly-communicative staff.

To create compelling experiences to meet customer demands, retailers must modernize their in-store experience by extending digital transformation to the frontline to enable their team members to collaborate and successfully provide exceptional service without draining productivity.

Providing premier customer service with current staffing and Modernizing Retail Operations

In the midst of a labor shortage, how do retailers ensure customer service without substantial increases in staffing? The key is to simplify operations through collaboration tools built for the frontline. The holiday rush is the busiest time of the year for frontline employees, and the more retailers can remove communication gaps and process friction points, the better stores will perform. Retailers can update and modernize their stores in a variety of ways, but extending digital transformation to the frontline can also provide the following benefits:

  • Create a faster, more efficient workforce
  • Provide a unique and personalized customer experience
  • Enables enterprises to meet shifting demands in a highly competitive market quickly

Worker smarter, not harder

The old saying is to work smarter, not harder. Modernizing Retail Operations is not a luxury; it’s a reality that retail decision-makers must come to grips with if they want to continue to thrive in a changing industry. Customers expect a certain level of service in-store, and retailers must strive to provide that experience consistently despite labor constraints. Theatro recognized this and built a mobile communication platform to help retailers unlock the full potential of their frontline to help teams deliver a better customer experience while improving productivity. One retailer increased their speed of service by 32% in just the past, thanks in large to the hard work of their frontline and the new service capabilities provided to them by Theatro’s platform.

Connect with Theatro

Think about how much more productive your team could be by saving thousands of minutes and steps each year. Interested in learning more about what Theatro can offer your business? Request a demo today or schedule a meeting with Team Theatro  at NRF 2022: Retail’s Big Show, booth 6063. We can show you how our solution can distinguish you from the competition by deepening customer loyalty and creating standout experiences for each customer. Give your frontline the gift of Theatro this holiday season!

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