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Expedition Excellence: Deliver the Ultimate Customer Experience

Excellent Customer Experience

Consistently expediting experiences for your customers play a significant role in your customer’s overall satisfaction. Unfortunately for many retailers across the country, efforts to meet these expectations are coming up short. In fact, according to the ACSI Retail and Consumer Shopping Report, customer satisfaction rates have fallen to their lowest points since 2015. That same report revealed that as many as 86% of retailers reported a downturn in their customer satisfaction rates this past year. Supply chain issues across the globe have undoubtedly exacerbated this decrease in customer satisfaction, leaving buyers frustrated without access to their favorite items due to limited stock availability and delivery delays. And while some retailers will simply accept these challenges as a new painful reality, the most successful businesses will view this as an opportunity to separate their operation from the competition. Every obstacle is an opportunity for growth, and Excellent Customer Experience. So, in a world where there has become such a premium on building brand loyalty and customer satisfaction, how do you differentiate your business from others?  

Starting Your Expedition to Service 

It begins with setting up your frontline for success. Your frontline workforce is the outward face of your company; they are your direct link between you and the customer. Without the tools and technology needed to deliver a personalized, seamless, and memorable experience, your employees start each shift at a distinct disadvantage compared to the competition. Customers expect to receive the information they are searching for immediately. They do not have time or patience for lackluster customer service. In fact, after just one bad customer experience, 39% of customers will avoid a company for two years. According to the same survey, four out of ten consumers will advise their friends not to visit a store in which they have had a poor customer experience. Do you see the importance of a properly equipped frontline? The easier your frontline can do their jobs, the more prepared they will be to deliver a premier customer experience every time.

Equipping Your Team to Provide an Excellent Customer Experience

Your frontline needs to be fully connected to meet the expectations of your customer. At Theatro, we can save your team from the nightmares of a disconnected store and show you the benefits a mobile communication platform can have on your team’s success. Theatro can help your enterprise expedite experiences by accelerating speed of service and optimizing store processes to save both your frontline and the customer valuable time. By connecting team members to each other and essential business systems, they have everything they need to exceed service expectations, improve your overall customer satisfaction scores, and keep your customers returning to a store they can trust. If you are interested in learning more about what Theatro can offer your business, request a demo today or schedule a meeting with Team Theatro at NRF 2022: Retail’s Big Show, booth 6063. We can show you how our solution can distinguish you from the competition by deepening customer loyalty and expediting experiences for every customer.

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