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Loss Prevention and Asset Protection

Loss Prevention Solutions

We’re all about unleashing the potential of your frontline workers. With Theatro, you empower your employees to collaborate seamlessly and serve customers with efficiency.

Did you know that over 65% of US consumers say “staff interaction” significantly influences their decision to buy more products? That’s a lot of responsibility on your frontline workers. Unfortunately, they often find themselves at the end of the communication line due to outdated technology. The result? A gaping communication gap that stifles collaboration, teamwork, and top-notch customer service.

Ready to hear how Theatro can help you unlock the true value of your frontline employees? We’re here to chat, answer questions, and help you revolutionize your team’s communication and efficiency.

If you are looking for a solution to connect your frontline and create OneTeam across your organization to unlock productivity and empower your team to deliver on guest satisfaction – let’s talk. We would love to share how our customer’s are benefiting from Theatro’s innovation.

Organized retail crime is on the rise. Retailers are averaging $90B+ in losses year-over-year due to internal and external shrink. Additionally, theft incidents lead to an increase in employee safety risks, which can reduce retention and lead to low morale.

Theatro has created a solution with our Loss Prevention and Asset Protection applications. Employees can use a catchphrase or sequence of button hits to alert management or security of a situation, quietly and discreetly putting focus on the situation. Even better, the solution requires no screens or loud walkie-talkies, allowing the employee to remain safe throughout the process. 

Stop Theft in Your Stores while keeping your employees safe

Benefits of a Discreet Solution

Here’s how it works: The employee inputs a series of button presses or a catchphrase that activates TIVA, our AI-powered voice assistant. An alert will be sent to the manager on duty, notifying them of a security incident. 

TIVA will then notify the associate that someone is coming to help support them, keeping them safe.

Additional workflows are possible, including a notification to local or in-store security support. We know that security incidents can impact safety and cause anger and frustration, making it hard to remember protocol at the moment. That’s why TIVA can provide the associate with in-ear training reminders, like don’t pursue or engage with shoplifters.

No Screen Needed

Our solution can be activated with a discreet phrase or button tap, allowing a head-up, hands-free experience.



No screens, walkies, or complicated inputs required, so your employee remains safe.

In-Ear Training

Provide in-ear training to take the guesswork out of theft incidents.

Security Alert

Alert security guards or off-site security centers so they can take control of the situation.



Safety Focused

Provide greater feelings of safety and support for your associates in tense situations.

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