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Theatro to introduce a new suite of hourly worker analytics at NRF’s Big Show 2019

Theatro exhibits the last unexplored frontier of retail at Theatro booth #1517

 DALLAS – Jan. 11, 2019Theatro, pioneers of the world’s first voice-controlled mobile platform for the hourly workforce, today announced the launch of their new data analytics suite, a proprietary method of using their platform to track, aggregate, and analyze in-store employee key performance indicators and identify success formulas that can be replicated at scale.

“We’re very excited to demonstrate at NRF’s Big Show our powerful new voice-controlled apps for store-to-store collaboration, in-the moment task creation, emergency decision support, and our first offering of employee data analytics,” said Chris Todd, CEO, Theatro. “Theatro continues to be a disruptive force in retail by bringing incredible innovation for the millions of forgotten hourly workers who are on the frontline of today’s retail battle for customers.”

Theatro’s Internet of Things (IoT) Communicator is best known as an innovative new mobile endpoint for hourly workers to access Theatro’s suite of voice-controlled apps, but it is also an amazing and effective data collector.  The proprietary data captured by the Theatro Communicator can be analyzed to provide valuable insight to store leadership regarding employee performance.  Theatro’s customer analytics team is building an automated platform designed to sense, analyze and act on the employee performance data created by Theatro’s SaaS platform.  This new data platform will allow customers to access powerful new analytics insights in realtime from their stores or at their headquarters.

The first analytics applications being unveiled at NRF include Manager Effectiveness, New Hire Assimilation, Employee Responsiveness, and Influencers.  All of these new insights enable retailers to establish new benchmarks that can be used to drive operational improvements across the organization, increasing store performance and driving revenue gains. For example, Theatro’s Influencers Analytics app quickly and accurately identifies the key influencers, the “go-to people” in each store, and thereby providing store leadership with great insight into which team members are key to a store’s success.

Other key applications being demonstrated on Theatro’s booth #1517 in Hall 1A at NRF 2019 include:

  • Theatro’s new Task List app is designed to provide a new enhanced task creation capability to a retailer’s existing Task Management platform by enabling store management to create new tasks using their voice while walking the store floor. These voice-created tasks can be automatically added to the existing task management system or displayed on Theatro’s store admin portal.
  • Theatro’s new tablet/smartphone based virtual associate can be placed throughout a store to immediately connect a customer in aisle who needs assistance from a live associate.
  • Theatro is introducing an initial offering of a new City-Wide Services suite which connects stores within a city or specified market to each other. The first app in this suite, Store-to-Store Check, solves the challenge of associates having to call an adjacent store to verify if a product is really on hand.  This new automated process increases selling time by eliminating wasted time sitting on hold waiting for a product verification.
  • Theatro’s Emergency Services app suite leverages artificial intelligence techniques using an intelligent decision support system that behaves like an expert human consultant supporting decision makers on the ground. From natural disasters to catastrophic accidents or terrorist attacks, emergencies and disasters threaten our cities and retailer’s stores. Theatro’s new suite of emergency apps intelligently connects employees to each other and to critical emergency preparedness protocols saving time during moments of crisis when every second counts.

Delivering exceptional customer experience is key to success in today’s retail environment. Theatro is continuing to focus on eliminating the barriers that prevent employees from doing just that. These demonstrations will give NRF attendees the opportunity to envision a more productive associate and profitable store.


About Theatro

Theatro, based in Dallas Texas, brings the advantages of IoT, wearables and new workforce-optimized apps together in a SaaS offering to provide companies in gaming, hospitality, retail, and manufacturing with a new breed of mobile solutions for hourly employees. The Theatro intelligent assistant and mobile apps connect hourly employees to each other and to critical enterprise applications; with Theatro, employees stay focused on the customer, without having to look at a screen to access information. Theatro’s solution enables employees to play their role in providing an incredible customer experience while increasing sales, employee productivity, conversion rates and operational profitability. For more information, visit www.theatro.com.


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