The Container Store Enhances Customer Experience with Theatro’s Intelligent Personal Assistant and Voice-Controlled Mobile App Platform


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Voice controlled wearables in the news

Theatro in the news: Fung Global Retail and Tech

Theatro: Empowering the Next Generation of Store Associates

Theatro Powers the Connected & Optimized Workforce

With Theatro's voice personal assistant and mobile app platform, businesses can enable their workforce by:


Improving Collaboration

Connecting the workforce to each other facilitates collaboration, driving customer engagement and efficiency.


Connecting the Workforce to Enterprise Systems

With just their voice, associates gain access to inventory, order, and customer systems. Information flows at the speed of thought.


Measuring and Recognizing Top Performers

With every employee connected, Theatro's voice personal assistant and mobile app platform provides new, actionable insights into workforce performance.


The Theatro Communicator

The Theatro Communicator is an enterprise IoT device smaller than a car key fob. Its simple voice-controlled AI interface takes employees' attention off their device and back to what they're doing. With Theatro's voice personal assistant and mobile app platform, they can call for backup, check inventory, locate a manager, and simply communicate with a team member-enabling them to do more, better.  


Our solution at work.


Theatro Named One of the Top 50 IoT Solution Providers

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