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Why Theatro Leads in Technology Innovations for Retailers

2020 was a challenging year for the retail industry and Theatro was there to help. Theatro partnered with top retailers across the US and Canada to adapt to the disrupted retail landscape via better in-store and to-the-store communications that supported social distancing, health and safety processes, BOPIS, curbside pickup and more. To cap off the year, Theatro was proudly named a leader across 14 categories within the 2021 RIS News Software Leaderboard. This annual survey ranks the “best of the best” in retail technology, based on votes from more than 300 retailers. Below, we explore some of the rankings and the reasons why retailers selected Theatro for these categories. We are create Technology Innovations for Retailers. 

#1 Leader in Technology Innovation for Retailers by Tier One Retailers

Theatro achieved a perfect 5.0 score in the Technology Innovation, ranking number one in both Customer Satisfaction and by Tier One Retailer categories. Within the report, Joe Skorupa, editor at large, RIS News, noted, “Special kudos are in order for Theatro, which came out on top by a wide margin in the important criterion of technology innovation. Theatro won this criterion by posting a perfect 5.0, a rate feat only achieved by two vendors in the 2021 leaderboard.”

Theatro has been at the forefront of recognizing the needs of frontline workers with solutions such as hands-free mobile communication technology and integrations with critical systems such as inventory and order management and other Technology Innovations for Retailers. In 2020, retailers had to rapidly adapt their in-store processes to meet the changing needs of customers including curbside and new health and wellness processes.  The pandemic drove an immediate need for digital transformation and these changes have been both short and long term, signaling the need for ongoing innovation. Theatro continues to break down barriers and digitally connects frontline workers in order to empower consistent and seamless communication across their organization and works closely with its customers to optimize operations creating an omnichannel approach to retail experiences.

 #3 Leader in Software Reliability in Customer Satisfaction and by Tier One Retailers

Today’s customer expects an efficient and frictionless in-store experience with rapid and reliable service.

Whether in-aisle, in dressing rooms or in the backroom, Theatro’s software enables associates to respond to customer needs instantly. Theatro’s workforce-optimized apps seamlessly integrate with business systems such as order management, inventory management, task management and more in order to accelerate service delivery and drive productivity.  Retail teams rely on these apps and team communications in order to do their jobs, so reliability and ease of use of Theatro’s service is paramount.

Theatro’s mobile IoT platform is delivered with an as-a-service model. Theatro provides the platform, hardware and software as-a-service ensuring every application works seamlessly together connecting frontline workers with their entire team and the information they need to do their jobs well.  Theatro’s as-a-service model ensures that Theatro must earn their customers business every day with service reliability, 24-hours a day / 7 days a week support, and a platform that retailers can rapidly build upon to specifically meet their business challenges and maximize the value of Theatro’s service.

#3 Leader of Ease of Admin & Maintenance by Tier One Retailers

The Theatro solution is inclusive of administrative tasks such as installation, configuration, training, software upgrades and support, making it simple to manage across the organization. Ongoing system admin and maintenance is automated making rapid deployment of the Theatro solution easy.  As part of the overall solution, Theatro monitors system health and performance and delivers upgrades automatically.  As new employees are onboarded, their unique profile is created through Theatro, giving them access to Theatro’s intelligent assistant and reducing the workload of store managers and IT.

Onboarding new employees can often be a large burden on operations which often lacks engaging and informative training, especially with technology solutions intended to make their jobs easier.  With Theatro, new employees are added to Theatro automatically and training is delivered through Theatro’s intelligent assistant, ensuring every employee is connected and able to access the people and information they need on their 1st day.  The ability to quickly and automatically onboard new employees accelerates adoption and compliance.  If additional support is needed, Theatro’s Support team is only a button push away, allowing associates to directly connect with Theatro’s support team without having to go through their company IT resources.

#4 Customer Satisfaction by Tier 1 Retailers

Not only does Theatro produce financial results for its customers, but Theatro also aims to enhance the work experience of the hundreds of thousands of frontline workers who are using Theatro’s service every single day. Frontline workers are empowered, connected, agile and report a higher level of satisfaction with their jobs once Theatro is deployed. Theatro is proud to be at the forefront of providing frontline workers with the solutions that empower their daily success and look forward to being a trusted leader and advisor for retailers to drive innovation in 2021 and beyond.

As an Overall Performance leader when it comes to customer satisfaction and technology innovation, Theatro continues to drive Technology Innovations for Retailers.  Theatro is passionate about creating OneTeam across the enterprise and unlocking businesses most valuable asset, the frontline employee.

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