Theatro Customer Stories


“Theatro is the biggest game changer I’ve seen in my 20+ years of retail experience. I can’t imagine everyone won’t be on them within a few short years.”

-Craig Newburn, Divisional Vice President, Cabela’s

Neiman Marcus

“Our customers have high expectations of phenomenal customer experience when they walk into Neiman’s, and Theatro helps us truly deliver on their expectation.”

– Scott Emmons, Former Head of Neiman Marcus Innovation Lab

Total Wine & More Selects Theatro

“Our old walkie-talkie systems created noise and didn’t maximize our team members capabilities.  In our Theatro pilot stores, we’ve reduced the chatter entirely and enabled clear, focused communication to deliver the best experience possible.”

– Troy Rice, Chief Store Officer, Total Wine & More


“I would absolutely recommend Theatro to others and frankly I would question [retail] executive leaders that are not seriously considering them.”

– John Thrailkill, EVP of IT and Business Development, The Container Store

“What I was most excited about was the level of adoption that we saw very quickly. It was probably as smooth a deployment as I’ve ever had in my 26 years with Walgreens.”

Michael Handal, Senior Director of Operations, Walgreens

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