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Taking Care of
Customers at Walgreens

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"There is something magical that happens when you hear someone's voice walking through something."

— Michael Handal, Senior Director of Operations, Walgreens

Walgreens is driving improved healthcare and retail experiences for customers and patients with
a fully connected team

The massive pharmacy chain is implementing Theatro across all 9,500+ stores, with the first 1,000 locations deployed in 2019. Theatro’s Mobile Communication Platform allows Walgreens’ associates to communicate with each other quickly and easily using Theatro’s artificial intelligence-powered Intelligent Assistant. Using their voice, associates gain access to all the information they need to perform their role and deliver differentiated customer experiences while working “heads up & hands-free.”

“As we transform our stores into modern neighborhood health destinations, it’s critical that we enable our store teams to enhance the experience for customers and patients. Technology solutions like Theatro allow us to communicate the changes we’re making directly and regularly with our team members, keeping them up-to-date and able to continue to offer great customer service.”
- Richard Ashworth, President of Operations, Walgreens

With a library of more than 80 Voice Apps, as well as a robust API to support third-party apps, Theatro’s platform allows associates to quickly and easily access the resources required to help a customer or complete a task. Store managers can have more meaningful insights into critical customer service metrics such as speed of service to identify opportunities for store performance improvements.

“One of the largest challenges retail teams face is the disparate and ad-hoc communication methods traditionally used to reach large numbers of store team members. Through our voice Intelligent Assistant and broad suite of workflow and collaboration apps, Walgreens is empowered to improve store execution and labor productivity by leveraging the power of AI native to our platform.”
- Chris Todd, CEO, Theatro

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