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Maintaining a Happy, Healthy and Safe Team

The frontline worker’s role has been evolving to meet employer and customer expectations long before the days of mask mandates. Though serving customers has looked pretty different since the pandemic hit, properly equipped frontline workers adapted with ease. When retailers proved that they could also evolve by taking measures to protect employees and customers’ health and safety, service was able to keep firing without missing a beat. 

Given the heightened risks for everyone in-store, successful retailers quickly established new store systems and operational procedures such as curbside service to create a safer shopping environment. Those at the top led the way by implementing innovative technology to create a safer shopping experience. Lululemon, for example, shined in employee and customer protection efforts by adding digital components to their in-store experience. Customers could bypass long lines or crowded stores by joining virtual waitlists that sent notifications to shoppers when it was their turn to enter the store. 

Other name brands looked to AI and other technology applications to fully connect all team members to each other and business systems regardless of their location throughout the store. Every worker could then relay information about customer needs or health and safety concerns by forming a storewide surveillance team, all without losing focus on their tasks at hand.    

Are you ready for a complete digital transformation? Is your enterprise in need of a streamlined operational strategy? In both cases, ensuring safe working and shopping conditions will continue to be essential in 2021.  

Here are four ways connected frontline workers and leaders can uphold protective measures for each other and those they serve:   

  1. Maintain storewide communication with all team members throughout their shifts to increase awareness and encourage team alignment.
  2. Provide frictionless and contactless payment methods and swift options for curbside service.
  3. Implement thorough health and safety training for all employees, including reminders to maintain proper distance from each other and customers.
  4. Utilize frequent reminders to keep all touched surfaces cleaned and sanitized.   

By implementing these tactics, retailers can see how seamless communication and improved employee alignment will positively impact health and safety concerns for customers and employees.   

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