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Retail Workforce Efficiency Solutions

Our Mobile Communications Platform was purpose-built in a store to provide retail workforce efficiency solutions—providing a quality, consistent customer experience and enabling every team member to access the information they need to do their job successfully… even on their very first day.

a retail employee wearing a theatro communicator is helping a woman with pillow choices
a retail employee handing a bag of products to customer through the car window for curbside pickup
a retail employee helping a customer out at the check out counter and using the theatro device

Streamlining processes with the power of voice

We developed our Retail Workforce Efficiency Solutions to enable team members to call for register backup, instantly request manager assistance, get price information or check inventory at nearby stores… without ever leaving the customer standing alone in the aisle. The options are endless once they are connected to our suite of customizable AI-powered voice apps.

a retail employee helping a customer with lampshades

How Theatro Provides Retail Workforce Efficiency Solutions

Optimize your stores

Optimize your stores

Run your stores at optimal performance with automation and streamlined process flows

Delight your customers

Delight your customers

Provide customer experiences that will give your stores the competitive advantage

Win at OMNI

Win at OMNI

Bridge the gap between online and the store, enabling OMNI growth through store execution

Hear from our customers

Creating Digital Connections for Better Human Connections

Discover the benefits of QR codes