Data Sheets

  • Manager's App
    At the touch of a button, the smartphone application provides mobile managers with transparent access to Theatro's in-store capabilites to talk privately with store employees, leave messages, or make announcements on new products and company information all in real-time! 
  • Content Distribution Manager
    Content Distribution Manager seamlessly connects HQ Teams to Store Associates 
  • Buddy Button Application
    Instantly Improve the Impact of Temporary, Seasonal and New Employees on Store Performance. Employee turnover in retail can reach as high as70-80% per year at some chains. With this being the case, store managers are constantly trying to get...
  • Communications App for Retail
    Next Generation Communications MaximizesStore Operations and Provide Better Customer Service new employees
  • Indoor Location Application for Retail
    Real Time Employee Location Increases Sales and Maximizes Productivity. In a busy retail setting, sales associates and store managers are frequently challenged to locate other employees when they need help or information.
  • Wearable Computer for Retail
    Purpose-Built Computing Device Designed for the Dynamic Work Environment of the Retail Floor

Solution Guide

  • Solution Overview & Use Cases
    Taking Store Operations to the Next Level. Brick and mortar retailers are reinventing themselves in the face of growing competition from eCommerce players and consumer show rooming challenges.