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Somehow, in our digital work, we’ve lost the human connection — in retail and many other areas of our lives. QR Codes and the technology surrounding us may have caused opportunities for human connection while shopping to dwindle.

However, by using the right technology and creating digital connections, it’s time to revive and elevate those human connections — perhaps even a technology that has been around for years but has been notoriously underutilized: the QR code.

When customers need assistance, they expect fast, reliable service, and they shouldn’t have to look high and low to find it. Yet, in most cases, customers are presented with no option other than walking around the store to find an associate for help. Not only does this cause teams to miss out on sales and service opportunities, but it also adds to the challenges short-staffed teams face already.

To alleviate this challenge, some stores have tried leveraging legacy hard button solutions to give customers a way to request help right where it’s needed. However, these solutions are expensive to buy and create a nightmare for IT teams to manage and support. And aside from functioning as a mere in-aisle doorbell, customers risk embarrassment from sounding the alarm without assurance that a team member will even respond.

If every employee is digitally connected to the store, QR technology can be used to enable customers to initiate short-term digital connections directly with store employees to request higher levels of service or launch a unique in-store experience. Thus, QR codes can be leveraged to invite customers to take the first step in digitally interacting with store teams and increasing their overall confidence with the retailer—who may in turn, get that customer to engage further by downloading their mobile app or joining a loyalty program.

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benefits of QR codes

Digitally connecting your customers and associates with technology that fast-tracks them to what they need— assistance and information — results in less frustration and more empowerment. 

When customers and associates do interact, they can focus on elevating their human connection with each other.

QR codes are now a key enabling technology in digital transformation strategies. They provide quick access to information and store team members right from your smartphone. Theatro takes this further with its revolutionary cloud-based QR Code Engine (QRCE). It opens the door for retailers, customers, and employees to digitally interact in the physical store like never before.

The QRCE acts as the digital interface to workflows initiated by QR code scans. It triggers apps and digital workflows on Theatro’s Mobile Communication Platform to achieve desired outcomes in the store. Whether it’s a customer requesting assistance or an employee completing a task, the QRCE establishes a short-term digital connection and guides users through each step of the workflow.

Enhanced customer experience

QR codes make it easier for customers to provide feedback and to request and find associates who can help them.

Improved Sales Conversions

When customers get their questions answered or the help they need, they’re more apt to complete their purchase and, potentially, buy additional items.

Reduced Hardware Costs

Software for QR codes lives in the cloud, where the collected data will reside. All that’s needed to collect that data is the QR code.

Optimized Performance

QR codes can be placed in areas with heavier traffic, in departments where assistance is most requested, and for products that require expertise.


Customers can enter information for their
request. With this data, management can pre-emptively solve customer problems.

Easy to Implement

Since no hardware is involved, it’s easy for managers to use QR codes and make changes as needed. These changes can be made at the local level, without the involvement of the corporate office.

Unlike static hard buttons, QR codes are dynamic and easily editable. You can change, move, or redirect them to different information. This flexibility allows stores to test various physical locations, signage types, and calls-to-action. It also offers opportunities to collaborate with HQ for new programs or campaigns.

Ready to embrace the QR code revolution with Theatro? Let’s unlock the future of digital connection together! 

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