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Service at the Speed of Thought

How Theatro Enables Retail Service at the Speed of Thought

In today’s fast-paced and ever-evolving environment, the capabilities of walkie-talkies and overhead paging systems are falling short. More urgently, they are unable to connect store teams with enterprise and critical back-office systems they need to efficiently and effectively serve customers. The result? A disjointed and disconnected team that’s unable to pivot or handle the variability in customer demands, without good retail service.

As customers return to stores in droves and stores expand hours of operation to meet the increased demand, the need to streamline processes and elevate the customer experience matters more than ever. When customers walk into a store, retailers may only get one chance to prove they are ready for their return regardless of whatever difficulties they are facing due to the nationwide labor shortage.

According to one report, 32% of all customers would cease to do business with a brand they loved after one bad experience, and therefore, raising the stakes for retailers to deliver excellent service every single time. In order to succeed, retailers must equip their teams with the right tools so they can do more with less to avoid drops in conversion, revenue and customer satisfaction.

Accelerating speed of retail service is one way retailers can up the ante and win at customer service. In fact, simply reducing the average first response time for customer assistance is singlehandedly one of the key factors customers consider when determining whether or not they will return to a store.

Did you know?
Theatro’s end-to-end ‘as-a-service’ mobile collaboration platform brings together the advantages of a voice-controlled mobile computer and workforce-optimized apps to automate and streamline critical customer service processes. Seamlessly connecting teams with Theatro means that associates can save an average of 12% of their time due to improved communication. And savings in time mean increased business efficiencies and better performance overall. With Theatro’s Intelligent Assistant, employees can quickly request assistance and get a closed-loop response from the first available team member. Requests for assistance can also be integrated with smart buttons, QR codes, and other IoT technologies, further enabling employees to prioritize and quickly respond to customer needs. Our data indicates that up to 91% of associates agree that Theatro helps them serve customers better. With Theatro, every frontline team member gains access to each other, experts, managers, and critical enterprise systems, making essential knowledge to doing their job accessible… even on day 1. At the speed of thought, employees can access the answers they need to help customers, while expertise across the store grows with knowledge sharing. Productivity improves through immediate connection to expertise across the store and customers get a better experience when they can get help without having to walk around the store to find the “right” employee. That’s a win for everybody. To find out how you can get started, connect with Theatro’s sales team today.