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Smartphones require your team to look down when doing work. Their hands must be used to hold the screen, reducing productivity. Now imagine all those apps controlled with just your voice. Productivity improves, the customer experience is better, and work gets done faster.

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Collaborate -
A Connected Team
is a Productive Team

Every store employee wears a small, voice-controlled computer connecting them to each other, to management, and to critical IT systems. This “screen-less” mobile device allows employees to easily interact with customers while being heads-up and hands-free. Work gets done faster, and customer engagement excels.

Apps Include:

  • Real-time communication – reach anyone in the network, in real time.
  • Offline communication  – leave a message for your night shift or next manager on duty
  • Announcements – communicate key announcements with everyone
  • Expert Groups – talk with an expert who can help answer your question, regardless of where they are in the enterprise

Execute – Increase Speed of Service and Operational Agility

Close the loop and make your team more dynamic than ever as they handle a constantly changing environment. Automate common actions to minimize friction when team members need it most. Deliver morning huddle and sales performance data to everyone, regardless of location or shift, ensuring the entire team is aligned on the same goals. Seamlessly receive alerts from task or workforce management systems without having to check back-room terminals or log into a handheld app.

Apps Include:

  • Team Huddle – Make sure everyone is aligned on the daily goals, no matter what time their work shift starts. Everyone hears the same message, and is on the same page.
  • Sales Update – Deliver key messages to your team without having to broadcast over antiquated walkie talkies or track down every associate. Simply record and distribute your sales updates immediately to your team.
  • Request and Respond – Ensure key service events such as register backup or manager assistance are answered quickly. Measure results and compare to other locations, regions, or industry metrics.
  • Task List – Streamline the assignment, completion and management of routine, operational day-to-day tasks and give managers a running store task list accessible visually or in-ear.
  • Loss/Fraud Prevention – Respond quickly in the moment to fraud or theft incidents with discreet, coordinated action on-and off-premise, triggered by a simple keyword.
  • Proactive Alerts – When alerts originate from your task management, order management, or human capital management systems, deliver them seamlessly and contextually to each employee with Theatro.

Locate – Build An Agile, On-Demand Workforce

Executives and managers can immediately find specific employees by name, expertise or location to optimize floor coverage and team sales. Help employees locate colleagues, merchandise, or key equipment. With Theatro, you can operate your sites or departments with greater intelligence and efficiency and provide customers with the agile, on-demand associate that the modern retail environment requires.

Apps Include:

  • Real-time coverage – Quickly assess how your team is distributed across your store or warehouse.
  • Locate MOD – Stop hunting around for your manager on duty. Instead, locate them using Theatro.
  • Locate employee – Looking for a specific employee? Need to find the closest employee to help complete a task? Using Theatro’s Locate apps, you can quickly find the right person for the job.
  • Locate asset – Help employees quickly find shared equipment they need to do their jobs, like pallet jacks or forklifts.
  • Locate merchandise – With integration to the inventory management system, employees can quickly find the items they need while assisting customers or fulfilling online orders.

Omnichannel Execution - Reinvent In-Store Fulfillment

Theatro connects to your omnichannel systems, enabling voice-activated inventory checks across all stores, price lookup, and store fulfillment alerts and guidance, and customer arrival notifications. Our solution also connects to your mobile app, email, text, or in-store kiosk, allowing associates to know exactly when a customer has arrived to pick up their order, creating a frictionless curbside or BOPIS experience.

Apps Include:

  • Inventory Lookup – With the power of your voice, look up inventory at any location in the enterprise.
  • Product Recommendations – Get personalized product recommendations delivered covertly, in the ear of every employee.
  • Price Check – Forget hunting around for a scanner to do a price check. Just use your voice and Theatro, and you’ll have the information you need immediately
  • BOPIS & Curbside – Improve both the order fulfillment and pick-up process for online shoppers.
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Educate - Make Your Employees Experts On Day One

Customers expect your associates to be faster and more educated than ever. With Theatro, training moves to the sales floor where it matters the most. Associates are provided on-demand and contextual training related to their role, their location, and their skill-set, allowing them to answer any question even on their first day.

Apps Include:

  • Conversational Training – Change the paradigm of computer-based training by delivering personalized and contextual training on the sales floor, where it matters the most. Leverage Theatro’s Content Distribution Manager to deliver training programs in new ways and that drive results.
  • Buddy Button – With a simple press of a button, reach your ‘buddy’ for help. Great for new employees to always have a go-to peer to help out.
  • In-Ear Support – At our home office, the Theatro team is actively monitoring and providing guidance to your team on how to get the most out of Theatro. Everyone becomes an expert using Theatro


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Insights - Reveal New Insights on Workforce & Store Performance

Theatro further broadens a manager’s span of control by providing access to employee performance data never before seen within the retail environment. Evaluate patterns and trends in productivity and communication and measure performance down to any level. Make better informed decisions that direct service and the bottom line.

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