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News Release: Theatro Empowers Retail Employees with Innovative Personal Safety Alert

In today’s ever-evolving retail landscape, the safety and well-being of frontline employees are paramount. Theatro, a leader in communication solutions for the retail industry, is thrilled to introduce its latest innovation, the Theatro Personal Safety Alert (TPSA), designed to address the growing safety concerns faced by retail frontline workers and enhance in-store response protocols. 

Frontline retail workers often grapple with escalating challenges, including organized retail crime (ORC) and in-store aggression. Shockingly, statistics reveal that 3% of product theft incidents escalate to violence, leaving associates with reduced morale, decreased productivity, and genuine fear. 

Key statistics underscore the urgency of the safety concerns faced by retail employees: 

  • 8 out of 10 retail companies have reported an increase in violence towards their staff.
  • An alarming 86% of workers admit to experiencing physical threats.
  • Safety concerns contribute to a 75% turnover rate within the retail industry.
  • A staggering 50% of employees would consider leaving their jobs due to heightened safety concerns. 


The Theatro Personal Safety Alert (TPSA) is part of Theatro’s portfolio of Intelligent Safety Solutions aimed at supporting team members when they feel threatened. This innovative solution reduces feelings of isolation and fosters complete team connectivity, equipping retail teams to handle emergencies and potentially violent situations more effectively. 

The Theatro Personal Safety Alert Workflow empowers every team member to instantly alert store leadership when they feel unsafe and require immediate assistance. Using a simple code word on the Theatro Communicator or discreet button presses, employees can discreetly notify store leadership of their situation. Theatro’s Intelligent Virtual Assistant (TIVA) promptly notifies store leadership and facilitates a swift response. A manager can reassure the distressed employee with a “copy that” response, ensuring help is on the way. TIVA can provide instant guidance on appropriate actions during a safety crisis, including reminders not to engage or specific protocol instructions. 

While retailers cannot always prevent threats, they can mitigate their impact by reducing isolation, streamlining notifications, and increasing safety awareness. Theatro’s Personal Safety Alert sets a new standard for employee safety, reducing turnover rates and boosting loyalty by reinforcing safety protocols during a crisis. 

Create a safer working environment with Theatro’s Personal Safety Alert and ensure your employees feel confident, improve retention rates, and mitigate costly safety incidents. Prioritizing a safe working environment is the first step toward success in today’s retail landscape.