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Theatro’s Voice Technology Is Showcased in JDA’s New Customer Experience Center

DALLAS – May 15, 2018

Theatro, pioneers of the world’s first voice-controlled mobile platform for the hourly workforce, today announced that it will showcase its in-ear IoT voice assistant and mobile platform at the JDA Customer Experience Center (“JXC”) located at JDA’s global headquarters in Scottsdale, AZ.

Theatro will demonstrate various use cases for its heads-up and hands-free, voice mobile platform including capabilities surrounding inventory management, task management, collaboration, and accessibility to security operations.

“We’re proud to showcase Theatro in our new JDA Customer Experience Center as a representation of the store of the future,” said Kevin Sterneckert, group vice president, innovation strategy and solutions marketing, JDA. “The Theatro platform has repeatedly shown it is capable of transforming in-store operations by creating a more informed and effective workforce. JDA and Theatro share the same vision of technologically empowered employees and Theatro’s demonstrations will help visitors to the JXC understand how this vision is becoming a reality.”

Theatro is an innovative voice-controlled mobile platform that connects hourly workers to the collective knowledge of the entire workforce and enterprise systems through the power of their voice. The demonstration scenarios include:

  • Inventory Visibility for Everyone – Theatro provides access to enterprise inventory to every employee so associates can quickly check inventory mid-conversation with a customer without even having to break eye contact or walk away to a kiosk.
  • On-Demand Task Management – Theatro augments task management solutions by dynamically delivering tasks based on associate location, status, or skill set. Visitors to the JXC will see tasks and alerts delivered in real- time based on triggers from in-store IoT sensors.
  • Remote Collaboration – Theatro enables field leaders to stay in touch with their teams no matter where they are located. This significantly increases a manager’s span of control, expanding their management capacity and ensuring that their teams are more aligned and productive.
  • Modernized Security Operations – Attendees will see how Theatro-enabled security professionals can directly communicate with every employee, immediately, and directly in their ear. Likewise, employees can now reach the security operations centers in real-time, when every second matters, with a simple voice command.

“There are over 32 million hourly service employees, who disconnect from modern communication technology once they clock into work,” said Chris Todd, CEO, Theatro. “While the rest of the world has gone mobile, the hourly workforce has remained disconnected. Theatro brings the mobile revolution to the forgotten hourly worker. We’re excited to showcase the Theatro mobile voice platform at the JDA Experience Center and demonstrate that by intelligently connecting employees to the information they need, we help make the customer experience better and we make associates happier and more productive.”

JDA’s JXC will be unveiled tonight during an event attended by JDA customers, partners and other industry and government leaders.

Theatro, based in Dallas Texas, brings the advantages of IoT, wearables, and new workforce-optimized apps together in a SaaS offering to provide companies in retail, hospitality and manufacturing with a new breed of mobile solutions for hourly employees. The Theatro intelligent assistant and mobile apps connect hourly employees to each other and to critical enterprise applications; with Theatro, employees stay focused on the customer, without having to look at a screen to access information. Theatro’s solution enables employees to play their role in providing an incredible customer experience while increasing sales, employee productivity, conversion rates and operational profitability.

For more information, visit theatrostaging.wpengine.com/.


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