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Theatro wins a Speech Tech Mag People’s Choice Award

Speech Technology Magazine’s People’s Choice Awards 2019

The results of Speech Technology Magazine’s People’s Choice Awards voting are finally here. The people have spoken.

This year, we decided to turn the Speech Technology award reins over to you, the people who use and work with voice-based technology every day. Starting in October 2018, we asked vendors to enter themselves for consideration in the 2019 Speech Technology People’s Choice Awards. Then, in February, we asked website visitors to vote on their favorite tools and platforms in each category. And you came through! Hundreds of votes were cast, and these are the results.

Some categories were more popular than others with vendors—and the number of winners listed in each category is representative of how many companies were under consideration. More entrants = more winners! This tells us a lot about which categories are hot right now, and which categories are still maturing. We look forward to seeing how this changes next year.

Congratulations to the winners of the 2019 People’s Choice Awards!

Virtual Assistants

  1. Interactions
  2. Theatro
  3. Cobalt Speech and Language
  4. Sensory
  5. Witlingo

Speech Recognition

  1. AppTek
  2. LumenVox
  3. Phonexia
  4. Speechmatics
  5. VoiceInteraction

Artificial Intelligence/
Machine Learning

  1. [24]7. ai
  2. AppTek
  3. Concentrix
  4. Creative Virtual
  5. Interactions

Speech to Text

  1. Intelligent Voice
  2. Cobalt Speech and Language
  3. Appen
  4. Rev.com (Temi)

Speech Analytics

  1. Verint Systems
  2. Voice Sense
  3. Cogito Corp


  1. [24]7.ai
  2. Creative Virtual

IVR/Visual IVR

  1. Concentrix
  2. Enterprise Integration Group (EIG)

Speech Biometrics

  1. LumenVox
  2. Phonexia

Voice Control

  1. SoundHound, Inc.
  2. Sensory


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