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Theatro Named to the Big 50-2017, Startup50.com’s Report on the Top Startups in Tech

Theatro’s IoT-enabled voice wearable platform brings new efficiencies to the hourly retail workforce to improve the in-store customer experience.

Theatro, pioneer of an intelligent assistant and voice-controlled mobile app for retail, is included in Startup50’s Big 50-2017 report, Jeff Vance’s annual roundup of the top tech startups of the year. Selected from a pool of 210 applicants, Theatro earned its spot on the list because its hands-free, voice-driven voice communication system helps solve a unique challenge facing retailers – providing a rewarding in-store experience for consumers.

“Our inclusion in the Big50-2017 highlights the unique potential for this technology to create foundational change in the industries we serve,” said Chris Todd, CEO, Theatro. “To date, we’ve seen the impressive benefits that hands-free, voice-driven communications and connectivity can have in retail, and this award is a broad recognition of its impending impact across the industry and in similar workforce landscapes such as hospitality and manufacturing.”

In contrast to traditional mobility solutions such as smartphones and in-store kiosks, Theatro’s mobile communication solution empowers employees with seamless, real-time access to enterprise information and other associates. The improved customer service and support that associates provide has proven to increase sales, productivity, conversion rates and operational profitability.

In addition, Theatro earned a place on the Big 50-2017 list because of the platform’s seamless integration and ease of use that enables retailers of all sizes to transform the in-store experience to the benefit of employees, customers and the bottom line.

“The idea was to come up with a system, one featuring rigorous competitions and challenges, that would strip away the spin and force startups to focus on what really matters: real people and the real-world problems they’re struggling to overcome,” said Jeff Vance, founder and Editor-in-Chief of Startup50. “The startups in the Big50-2017 faced the most rigorous competition yet, fighting their way through new and more difficult challenges.”

Throughout the remainder of 2017, Startup50 will exclusively feature startups that have earned a spot among the Final 50. Theatro’s winner profile was published on November 16.

About Startup50.com and the Big 50-2017

Jeff Vance founded Startup50 in 2013 to establish a site that would evaluate, test, and track hot technology startups. Prior to founding Startup50, Jeff regularly contributed features stories to  Forbes.comNetwork WorldCIOWired, and many others. He also founded and still runs Sandstorm Media, a content marketing consultancy, in 2003.

The Big 50 is Jeff’s yearly roundup of the hottest 50 tech startups to watch. To be featured in the Big50, startups must go through Startup50’s rigorous vetting process. The startups in this year’s report represent the technologies, market sectors, and trends that are poised to upend the economic status quo in the coming year and beyond. Read about them at www.startup50.com.

Theatro, based in Dallas Texas, brings the advantages of IoT, wearables, and new workforce-optimized apps together in a SaaS offering to provide companies in retail, hospitality and manufacturing with a new breed of mobile solutions for hourly employees. The Theatro voice virtual assistant and mobile apps connect hourly employees to each other and to critical enterprise applications; with Theatro, employees stay focused on the customer, without having to look at a screen to access information. Theatro’s solution enables employees to play their role in providing an incredible customer experience while increasing sales, employee productivity, conversion rates and operational profitability. For more information, visit theatrostaging.wpengine.com/

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