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Theatro Launches New Reporting Suite for Customers

April 6, 2020 – Theatro, the leading mobile voice platform that extends essential enterprise communication capabilities to the frontline workforce, today announced the launch of its Theatro Reporting Suite. This service will be available to all subscription customers on a weekly basis beginning today, Monday, April 6, at no extra cost. Theatro Reporting aggregates data for store team activities that have never before been measured, giving enterprises the ability to understand and optimize frontline operations like never before.

Theatro’s voice-controlled Intelligent Voice Assistant gives hourly employees “heads up, hands free” mobile access to enterprise systems, leadership teams, and each other. As the virtual assistant facilitates interactions across this network of connected individuals, groups, and systems, it tracks requests and activities that can be aggregated to paint a vivid picture of life at the store level, allowing leadership to:

  • Understand how employees across the enterprise are using the Theatro solution
  • Better manage their most important customer experience resources: their people
  • Take targeted action to improve utilization and accountability
  • Share best practices across a location, district, or the entire enterprise

This initial rollout of Theatro Reporting introduces the Essential Usage Reports, which include five sets of summary information to help answer the question: how are our employees using Theatro? They include:

  • The Collaboration Report, which describes how many associates are making Theatro a part of their day and how intensively they are using the system to collaborate with their peers.
  • The Leadership Effectiveness Report, which illustrates how consistently local leaders perform essential daily tasks that motivate and align key behaviors.
  • The Interaction Type Report, which summarizes the primary methods of communication that a location utilizes to carry out operations.
  • The Request & Respond Performance Report, which explains how often a call for help is being issued and how long it takes before someone answers that call.
  • The Group Communication Report which identifies the groups that are being reached out to most often.

This new automated reporting capability will serve as a foundation for Theatro’s forthcoming Analytics packages, which take reporting a step further to deliver actionable insights for improving local-level execution. With an initial set of four packages, the first expected to debut yet this month, Analytics will dig deeper into the data around speed of service, key tasks, leadership effectiveness, and department coverage. Organizations will use these insights to expand benchmarking, identify training and development opportunities, understand customer speed of service, test staffing models, optimize labor spend, and measure best practice execution. Analytics packages will be available for an added fee on a per-subscriber basis.

For more information about Theatro’s Reporting Suite, please see our Frequently Asked Questions or contact a Theatro Account Executive at info@theatro.com.  If you are a current Theatro customer with questions about your Reporting, please reach out for assistance at support@theatro.com or 844-843-2876.

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