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Theatro Debuts Content Distribution Manager Enhancements to Improve Enterprise Communication Directly to Front Line Employees

April 22, 2020 – Theatro, maker of the only enterprise-grade mobile voice platform designed specifically to support essential communication with the front line workforce, this week released key enhancements to its Content Distribution Manager (CDM) tool. Recognizing how critical it is for enterprises to communicate clearly, consistently, and directly to front line employees in light of the Covid-19 crisis, Theatro fast-tracked select updates to improve the flexibility, range, and usability of this important tool. The enhanced version of CDM is available to all subscription customers as part of Theatro’s Essential software package.

Content Distribution Manager is a web-based application used to create, schedule, and distribute voice announcements directly to the ears of relevant front line employees. With a simple user interface, it enables enterprises to take a programmatic approach to developing and delivering communications to targeted front line employees. This allows them to:

  • ensure consistent enterprise-wide messaging from management down to the local level
  • drive adoption of strategic initiatives and programs
  • prompt immediate action in time-sensitive situations like a technical outage or product recall

Messages can be sent instantly or pre-recorded and scheduled up to a year in advance. If an employee is not working when an announcement is delivered, it will be saved as a message in their Theatro Earbox until they log in for their next shift, depending on the duration assigned to each communication.

During the pandemic, CDM has proven to be a critical asset in cascading important information and aligning action across large distributed front line employee populations. “Essential” retailers that are still open have been utilizing CDM to share clear guidance and appreciation from senior leaders directly to every front line associate, provide critical operational updates on virus response actions, and schedule regular reminders to wash hands, sanitize equipment, and replenish necessary supplies.

This latest update improves the user experience with subtle adjustments to verbiage and functionality while also giving CDM users new capabilities to:

  • Send CDM messages to individual users, for example, to communicate quick procedural updates to individuals responsible for implementing operational changes or to recognize key contributors in a special way with individualized messages from their executives
  • Post CDM messages to all groups without restriction. This allows the distribution of both process reminders to common groups (such as temperature checks to Deli, Meat, and Fish counters across grocery store locations) as well as operational changes and rollout notifications to relevant teams (like a POS update notification to Cashiers, Managers, and BOPIS Team Members)
  • Create custom groups of locations to receive messages, which facilitates the distribution of messages to departments or locations operating in different languages, participating in unique programs like pilots or tests, or by other unique descriptor.
  • Target communications directly to a “New Theatro Users” group, which dynamically adds users once their Theatro profile is created and removes them from the group after their first four weeks. Using scheduled educational messages, reminders, and task prompts over a pre-defined communication calendar, this helps organizations expedite new hire onboarding in a consistent, measured manner so they can more successfully integrate new employees within the critical first-30-days window.
  • Save drafts of CDM messages and duplicate entries & change the settings before posting or scheduling, which allows for both easier pre-planning and the creation of a library of messages to streamline future program development.

For more information about Theatro’s Content Distribution Manager, please see our Frequently Asked Questions or contact a Theatro Account Executive at info@theatro.com.