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Theatro Announces Strategic Investments from Cisco Investments and Honeywell Ventures

Relationships accelerate Theatro’s rapid growth and innovation in connecting enterprises with the power of voice technology

DALLAS – Aug. 27, 2019Theatro, pioneers of the world’s first voice-controlled mobile platform connecting hourly employees to enterprise resources, today announced that they have joined forces with Cisco and Honeywell to transform the future of retail, hospitality, manufacturing and other markets with large deskless workforces. The investments by these two market leaders will anchor expansion of its platform interoperability and its market footprint.

Theatro’s voice-driven Intelligent Assistant platform, offered as a ”hardware-enabled” software as a service solution, gives deskless employees a “heads up and hands-free” connection to their enterprise systems and leadership teams. The investments by Honeywell and Cisco will assist in maximizing the reach of Theatro’s in-ear virtual assistant for hourly associates and expand the industries and geographies Theatro can serve.

“We are proud to have Cisco Investments and Honeywell Ventures join us in our journey as investors,” said Chris Todd, CEO, Theatro. “Companies across a wide variety of industries are recognizing the significant customer experience and productivity benefits of a connected and engaged workforce. Our collaborations with Cisco and Honeywell ensure that Theatro will remain at the cutting edge of both networking and mobile standards and help us bring these benefits to more organizations, in a seamless and comprehensive manner.”

Cisco’s investment extends the company’s strategic vision of Cognitive Collaboration, which leverages software, hardware, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and network synergies to drive interoperability and workforce transformation. Theatro’s mobile voice platform gives this vision reach beyond professional staff, to hourly associates working on the front line. “Cisco Investments is committed to helping our customers respond to increasingly complex business challenges,” said Donald Tucker, Head of Collaboration Corporate Development and Investments, Cisco. “Enabling collaborative tools to penetrate organizations’ employee populations more deeply and more productively is the next frontier in workforce enablement. We look forward to unlocking that potential with Theatro.”

Theatro similarly aligns with Honeywell’s efforts to enable deskless workers and harness the power of IoT-generated data and insights. Through its relationship with Honeywell’s Safety and Productivity Solutions business, Theatro expands the set of options available to empower every hourly employee with mobile, hands-free information. “As we continue to develop and invest in software-driven industrial innovation, we understand the tremendous value in leveraging Theatro’s platform into new technologies, verticals and geographies,” said John Waldron, president and CEO, Honeywell Safety and Productivity Solutions. “It adds an established, highly incremental new platform to Honeywell’s mobile solutions portfolio, and we look forward to exploring new applications for the technology in the near future.”


About Theatro
Theatro brings the advantages of IoT, AI and workforce-optimized apps together in a “hardware-enabled” SaaS offering to provide companies in gaming, hospitality, retail, and manufacturing with a new breed of mobile solutions for hourly employees. The Theatro Intelligent Assistant and mobile apps connect hourly employees to each other and to critical enterprise applications; with Theatro, employees stay focused on the customer, without having to look at a screen to access information. Theatro’s solution enables employees to provide incredible customer experience while increasing sales, employee productivity, conversion rates and operational profitability. For more information, visit theatrostaging.wpengine.com.


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