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What a Richardson startup put in place is the talk of The Container Store

It may soon be easier to find a shoe rack or shelving system at The Container Store.

Employees at all of its stores will soon ditch their walkie-talkies for voice-activated wearable computers made by Richardson startup Theatro. The tiny hands-free wearables answer questions, similar to Siri or Amazon Echo. But the devices — which are about the size of a matchbox — also allow employees to communicate one-on-one or in a group by using software that’s connected to a Wi-Fi network.

That means a Container Store employee can search inventory without looking at a computer screen, find a coworker who’s in the stock room and ask him or her to bring that item to a customer.
“Customers in retail stores today are there for a reason. The concept of people just shopping for fun doesn’t exist the way it did 20 or 30 years ago,”said John Thrailkill, an executive vice president for the Coppell-based retailer. “It means when you are taking time to stop in the store, you expect it to be quick and efficient.”
Publication Date:
Wednesday, June 15, 2016
Dallas Morning News
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