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A List of The Best IoT Connected Devices & Applications

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An IoT device is a computing device which connects to a network. The connectivity to such a network is usually a wireless connection and has the ability to transmit the data. IoT devices cover a wide range of domain from home to healthcare. It includes thermostats, light bulbs, door locks, and numerous other devices used on a regular basis which can be operated remotely.

Best Internet Of Things Devices Lists & Their Application

Nowadays, IoT devices are a part of a scenario in which every device talks to every other device in an environment which automates home and industry. It enables to communicate important data to users, businesses and other interested parties.


Which IoT devices are used in day to day life?


IoT devices used in day to day life are generally from the domain of home, fitness, and healthcare.

Home automation devices are as follows:


Amazon Echo

This is a smart home hub which is a speaker and listens to users and responds as per his/her commands. It can play music, read audiobooks, deliver traffic and weather reports, control lights, order food, etc.


August Doorbell Cam

This device is used to see people and converse with them which are at the front door. This conversation is facilitated via a smartphone. It also allows us to open the door, record the visitors that get missed.



It is more of a medical IOT device which is a good option for people with asthma and allergies. It is an air-quality sensor which sends alerts and recommendations to the smartphone for improving your indoor air quality.


Belkin WeMo

It is a complete package of home automation devices. It includes smartwatches, cameras, heater, air purifier, etc. It allows the end users to control numerous devices with one smartphone application.

Healthcare and fitness IoT devices are as follows:



It makes smart, pill bottles which are wireless. These bottles help to ensure that the patients take medication timely.



It is a wearable health and fitness tracker. It helps to track the fitness goals such as calories burnt, calories consumed, heart rate, feet walked, etc. This device is available and various colors and styles and also are easily affordable at cheap rates.


Withings Blood Pressure Monitor

It is a device which is easy to use. It slips over the arm, takes blood pressure readings and sends the obtained results to the smartphone. The readings are tracked over time and can raise notifications and alerts in case of an emergency.

Other miscellaneous IoT devices are as follows:


Click and Grow

It is a device to track smart indoor garden. It helps to balance the parameters such as oxygen, water, and other nutritional ingredients to facilitate better, faster, and healthier growth of plants.



It is a device designed for the retail and hospitality industry. It is a wearable Wi-Fi based communication device which helps workers working on an hourly basis to stay in touch with one another, receive updates, alerts, and instructions in order to improve the worker productivity.


Aware Point

It is a device with low-energy beacons. It is used by companies to track the locations of various things from employees to assets and from customers to patients in real time. The service is primarily focused on the retail and healthcare industry.



Aptomar develops IoT based sensors and systems which detect spills in the oil and gas industry. Safety is a primary concern in such companies and Aptomar addresses it by increasing the safety. It also provides monitoring oil and gas facilities to ensure safe working environment.


Along with being useful in day to day activities, these devices are cheaper at prices with respect to the functionality that they offer. There has been a substantial amount of growth in the use of these devices and helped to improve the productivity in turn. Right from the primary health care to the growth of business value, these IoT devices play a vital role in saving valuable time and allow ease of use and access as well.


Source: IOT News Portal Article HERE


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