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Forget walkie-talkies — these store employees use voice-controlled wearables

The retailer is rolling out voice-controlled wearable devices that enable hands-free communication over Wi-Fi networks to its store employees chainwide following a successful pilot.
The wearable devices, from Theatro, will allow The Container Store to streamline operations, heighten customer service, and improve staff efficiency in its stores.  The devices will be used by the retailer’s 3,000-plus store employees in more than 70 of its 80 stores by the end of July 2016. The devices will be rolled out to remaining locations and all new stores throughout 2016 and beyond.
“At The Container Store, we are constantly looking for innovative solutions to not only enhance our customers’ experience, but also help our employees work even more efficiently,” said John Thrailkill, executive VP of IT and business development for The Container Store.
“Theatro’s service is an intuitive, hands-free solution that lets us deliver immediate and superior service while seamlessly accessing critical information to help us better serve the customer.’
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Tuesday, June 14, 2016
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