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Cabela’s, Theatro Team Up for New Field Communication Options

While it may seem like next hunting season is a lifetime away, there’s still room to plan it out. Cabela’s and Theatro are getting together to make the shopping experience easier for all those early birds with a new kind of communication tool that replaces the two-way radio in stores.

With Theatro, Cabela’s employees get access to wearable devices that come with voice controls. That’s an interesting idea, but skepticism here would be easy; is just changing the device enough to produce a better customer experience? Skepticism might be warranted if it just replaced radios, but it actually goes on from there. The Theatro / Cabela’s union also produces a slate of tools for employee indoor location, for inventory review, and even for measuring customer service and boosting employee performance, things that weren’t available previously.

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Monday, January 18, 2016
Wearable Tech World
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