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Revolutionizing Buy Online Pick Up In-Store with Theatro

As retailers have developed a heightened focus on creating an omnichannel experience for their customers, buy online, pick up in-store has emerged as one way to bridge the physical-digital divide. Consumer demand for such services and the expectation of quality in which they are provided has risen dramatically. In fact, half of customers have used buy online, pick up in-store in the past year, and 69% of those who use it buy more when they pick up in-store.

1. Retailers that don’t provide a frictionless process have a greater risk of being left behind.  A bad store pick-up experience could lead to the loss of a customer to a competitor! A whopping 68% of customers stated that their store pick up process was not smooth.

2. Conversely, fast and convenient pickup processes drive a high likelihood for customers to recommend the retailer to friends & families, and results in efficient employee workflows and decreased labor costs.

Download Revolutionizing BOPIS with Theatro and learn how this retailer leveraged Theatro’s solution to drive a 134% overall Theatro ROI.

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