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Real-Time Inventory Lookup with Theatro Reduces Customer Abandonment

A large percentage of in-store associates only have shared access to mobile barcode scanners due to the expense of equipping everyone with their own mobile device. As a result, when asked by customers to provide immediate inventory or price checks, associates must either walk with (or without) the customer to a terminal, to the back of the store to check the stock room, to locate an associate with a mobile scanner, or to simply try and figure out the information on their own. All of these options take time and can lead to lost sales via customer abandonment. While retail associates struggle to get access to critical enterprise information such as available inventory, customers absolutely expect associates to be empowered to quickly provide this information. In fact, 72% of customers expect associates to be able to check inventory from a mobile device, and 67% expect associates to provide product information such as specs and features.

Download Real-Time Inventory Lookup Case Study and learn how this retailer leveraged Theatro’s solution to drive a $4.5m lift in revenue and $3m reduction in operating costs.

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