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Connect Your Customers to Product Experts Instantly with Theatro

In many retail settings, there are departments and areas of the store where experts are employed with specialized knowledge to engage customers in an experienced manner. They are recognized as experts and become trusted advisors to the customer to drive the sale or satisfactorily handle the customer inquiries. Often, the challenge for customers…and new associates…is finding the expert in the store. Retailers have to account for the time it takes for an associate to find the expert in their labor models which drives up store operation costs. Theatro provides the mechanism to more quickly find the expert while keeping the customer engaged, which reduces the customer frustration or worse a decision to leave the store.

Download Expert Groups Case Study and learn how this retailer leveraged Theatro’s solution to drive a $4.5m reduction in labor costs and $6.6m increment in sales due to repurposed labor.

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