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What’s  Your Mobile Strategy?

It’s just crazy how the mobile revolution has transformed the world so much. It’s spawned massive productivity gains across almost every sector of the world’s economy… except for the hourly service workforce. When hourly retail associates, for example, clock into work they often have to leave their cell phones in their locker. But without a mobile device, the associate is completely disconnected and off the grid. So, when a customer walks into a store, mobile phones in their hand, they have access to more product information than the poor sales associate does; stranded in aisle. In the last ten years, every retail executive has been asked by their investors or advisory boards—“What’s  your mobile strategy?” and the answer used to be (had to be) mobile phones or tablets. That’s all there was. But they haven’t been the revolutionary mobile solution retailers were hoping for. They have proven to be expensive, prone to theft, and a distraction. No customer likes to approach a retail associate whose head is down looking at their phone; regardless if they’re working or updating their Facebook status. Now there’s a new mobile solution. Theatro changes the game: it’s a voice mobile communication platform that gives every hourly employee immediate access to critical enterprise and collaboration apps from our Intelligent Assistant (like Alexa or Siri). We deliver this information via our Communicator, a voice-controlled IoT mobile end-point. It is a hands-free, heads-up solution driven by the power of voice. We’re the world’s first voice-controlled mobile platform for the hourly workforce!

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