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Cool new tech we’re demonstrating at NRF

First of all – let me invite you to swing by Theatro’s booth #1517 in Hall 1A at NRF 2019 in NYC next week January 13-15, 2019. There’s still time to request a meeting!

Want a sneak peek at the cool new tech we’ll be demonstrating at NRF even earlier? Well hold onto your hats, because there’s a lot to talk about! Of course, we’ll be demonstrating our core suite of apps which includes our revolutionary SaaS platform, AI-powered virtual assistant, manager’s app, and our voice-controlled communicators.

But what’s NEW you ask? We’ll lemme tell ya all about it:


A Theatro debut of the Data Analytics Suite! We’re exhibiting the last unexplored frontier of retail!

Like the astronomer who pointed the first telescope at the skies, Theatro provides an entirely new field of study, your hourly workers. Our Data Analytics Suite uses voice-controlled mobile platform, we can track, measure, and analyze employee communication, movement and behavior patterns to tell a story about a store’s performance.

Are the managers spending enough time on the floor? Are cashier backups responsive? Which employees are the hubs for critical information that make the store succeed? All of these insights enable retailers to establish new benchmarks that can be used to drive operational improvements across the organization, increasing store performance and driving revenue gains. Theatro’s data analytics suite integrates with any store relationship management system or point of sale system. Correlate sales trends with employee activity for a real-time understanding of sales influencers and key success trends that you can strategically scale.


Theatro’s Emergency App Suite Saves Lives!

Breathe life into your emergency planning manuals and connect them using an IoT-based emergency preparedness solution. From natural disasters to catastrophic accidents to terrorist attacks, emergencies and disasters threaten our cities and your stores. Updating your emergency preparedness plan in Theatro’s Emergency App safeguards your employees and customers when
disaster strikes.

Leverage artificial intelligence techniques using an intelligent decision support system that behaves like an expert human consultant supporting decision makers on the ground. Emergency
situations are serious and unexpected- don’t be caught unprepared. Theatro intelligently connects employees to each other and to critical emergency preparedness protocols saving time during moments of crisis when every second counts.


Tear down the walls between stores with Theatro’s City-Wide Services Suite

Theatro’s voice-controlled mobile platform has advanced to new heights of connectedness with Theatro’s new city-wide services suite which connects stores within a city or specified market to each other. When a customer needs a product that’s out of stock in their store, now all they need to do is ask Theatro’s intelligent assistant to track it down for them; automating a previously tiresome process. We intelligently connect hourly employees to each other and to critical information, enabling them to play any role and provide the incredible customer experience needed to win.

Have an expert at another store? Coming soon, stores will be able to tap into other store’s brainpower when they’re connected to each other through Theatro’s City-Wide Services app. All of us are smarter than one of us!


Unleash your store’s productivity potential with Theatro’s Store Task List Suite

Theatro’s new store talk list app connects task management systems with Theatro’s intelligent assistant via voice. Boost your store management’s efficiency by enabling them to walk the floor and
create tasks via voice and assign them to store employees. Managers no longer have to write action items on post-its or notepads. Theatro works for them; capturing their tasks on-the-go in real-time. Headquarters and regional leadership finally have a window into the daily details of store operations enabling them to identify areas of inefficiency and ensure that store employees are productive. Stores are better able to achieve their goals, collaborate and share the accomplishment of their collective objectives.


Personalized customer service faster with Theatro’s Virtual Associate

Shoppers simply request assistance using a kiosk or tablet, the request is routed directly to the ear of relevant associates who in turn communicate back to the kiosk that help is on the way. The
shopper receives an immediate personalized response with a picture of the associate who’s on their way to help. Theatro’s virtual associate removes customer anxiety immediately. A real person has recognized the customer’s need and given them the sense of security that they’re already being helped; building trust and customer loyalty.

The platform helps optimize assistance for customers that need fitting room help, inventory checks, expert advice, buy online, pick up in store (BOPIS) services and much more. Deliver the incredible customer experiences that drive performance.