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Rock the Vote… For Theatro! Speech Technology People’s Choice Awards 2019

We are in the running for Speech Technology’s People’s Choice Award 2019!

Please take one minute today to Vote for Theatro
We’re nominated in two categories in the We are in the running for Speech Technology’s People’s Choice Award 2019! (1) Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning/Natural language and (6) Virtual Assistants. Make sure you vote across all nine categories to cast your vote.
On the fence about who you’re going to vote for? Well let me tell you a little something about Theatro to convince you, for the Speech Technology’s People’s Choice Award 2019!
We are innovation for the forgotten hourly worker! We’ve created the world’s first voice-controlled mobile app platform for brick and mortar retail, hospitality, casinos, and distribution. Our “heads-up and hands-free” solution instantly connects employees to one another, to headquarters and to enterprise information systems. Theatro’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution brings the advantages of an Internet of Things (IoT) voice-controlled mobile computer and new workforce-optimized apps together to help improve communication, worker productivity, customer engagement, and business performance.
The Market Is Picking Winners & Losers. Bringing Mobile to Your Workforce Will Make The Difference.
The mobile revolution has transformed the world. While mobile has spawned massive productivity gains across almost every sector of the world’s economy, the mobile revolution has left the hourly retail worker behind. Employers of large hourly workforces have been unsuccessful at unlocking the productivity potential of mobile by injecting consumer mobile devices like smartphones and tablets into the hands of hourly employees for the last decade. These solutions have proven to be expensive, prone to theft, and the screen creates a big distraction that ultimately leads to lower worker productivity and the potential for a poor customer experience.
Enter the potential of Theatro. With instant access to their own Intelligent Assistant and new voice-controlled mobile apps, employees are able to be incredibly responsive to customer inquiries without having to interrupt their time with each customer or task to search on a mobile device or walk away to look-up information. Customers want eye-to-eye contact when being served, not employees looking at screens on legacy mobile devices. The world is moving to an environment driven by intelligent, IoT connected devices powered by conversational interfaces like Siri, Alexa, and Theatro. Let us make you a winner in this new mobile world.

Vote for us for the Speech Technology’s People’s Choice Award 2019!

At Theatro, we believe that every employee should be able to instantly answer any customer question, or solve any operational challenge, even on their very first day. As the inventors of the world’s first voice-controlled mobile app platform and Intelligent Assistant for retail, hospitality, and distribution, we connect employees to each other and to critical enterprise information, enabling hourly workers to provide incredible customer experiences that drive performance.
Not only do we produce financial results for our customers, we also aim to enhance the work experience of the employees who are using our solution every single day. They are empowered, connected, and agile, and report a higher level of satisfaction with their jobs once Theatro is deployed.
Theatro, based out of Dallas Texas, serves the world’s most notable brands, including Neiman Marcus, Home Depot Canada, Cabela’s, The Container Store, and many more.