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Theatro gives back to Dallas

Theatro’s Senior Hardware Manager, Jason Stubbs, had a great idea for the company this holiday season. It’s been a really good year here at Theatro and we have so much to be thankful for, he suggested we show our appreciation by giving back to the Dallas-community and volunteer at a local food bank. Chris Todd, our CEO, loved the idea and they ran with it!

Yesterday our office was a ghost town with most our Dallas employees volunteering at the North Texas Food Bank (NTFB) for the afternoon. NTFB is a hunger relief organization, providing access to more than 190,000 meals each day across a 13-county service area. In the last year, NTFB and their feeding network provided access to almost 72 million meals.

It was an honor to be a small contributor to this year’s impact. We’ve got some aching muscles today from unpacking over 9 pallets of food, sorting through 279 boxes and stuffing 1,953 bags! We helped provide over 7,000 meals to our community’s hungry children, seniors and families. It was an entirely humbling experience – the volume of need can break your heart. But the sheer enthusiasm and optimism with which the staff at NTFB operates is inspiring. We couldn’t have been more impressed with their operational efficiency and organization. They had us trained and put to work with gusto! Typical Theatro style we had to gamify it and compete against ourselves so we knocked it out in record time. Besides being food for the soul, it was also just a lot of fun spending time together working on something so meaningful and deepening our comradery between co-workers.

Tammy Newburn, our Director of Customer Programs just loved the experience saying “I’m so glad we made the time to volunteer at the food bank all together. It was totally worth it. It just broadened my perspective on how big the need really is. It makes you grateful for what you have and inspires you to do more for others. Everyone should volunteer this holiday season- it was a real gift.”

Every hour you give gets us closer to a hunger-free, healthy North Texas. If you’re interested in volunteering, please visit NTFB’s volunteer website HERE.