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Theatro and JDA Showcase Solution Integration at JDA DevCon and JDA ICON

Theatro and JDA Showcase Solution Integration at JDA DevCon and JDA ICON

Today, May 6, Theatro partner JDA Software is holding its annual developers conference, JDA DevCon, which will be quickly followed by JDA’s ICON Conference May 7 – 10. Some of the world’s most talented developers, coders, engineers, architects and retailers are gathering to share projects, solutions and ideas with each other. We’re excited to join the fun by providing live demos of some of Theatro’s solutions during DevCon and showcasing Theatro’s integration capabilities with JDA.

JDA’s store optimizer integrates with Theatro’s voice-controlled mobile app platform and other enterprise systems like video monitoring, task management, and product management, helping associates optimize processes ranging from inventory management to fulfillment and beyond.

Theatro’s voice solutions and JDA’s supply chain solutions work together like a well-oiled machine to solve some of the physical store’s biggest woes; these include integrations with JDA’s solutions to help associates quickly re-stock empty shelves. In this scenario, JDA’s Store Optimizer is connected to a video system that monitors shelves and identifies when products are out of stock – sending a signal to the JDA Store Optimizer. Once received, Theatro’s task management app immediately turns this signal into an audio alert that is delivered directly into an associate’s ear, tasking them with re-stocking the exact item on the exact shelf. This seamless integration leads to greater in-store efficiency, increased customer satisfaction and higher sales.

Theatro’s integration with the JDA Store Optimizer also helps enhance the buy online pick up in store (BOPIS) experience. When a BOPIS order is ready to be delivered, the Store Optimizer will pass along a signal to Theatro’s system. Theatro, in turn, automatically sends an alert to a designated associate. The associate can then deliver the order to customers more easily and efficiently, removing friction for customer and employee alike.

Stocked shelves and a frictionless BOPIS experience are just two of the many ways Theatro helps create the store of the future with JDA. Other useful integrations include:

  • Inventory Visibility for Everyone – Theatro provides access to enterprise inventory to every employee so associates can quickly check inventory mid-conversation with a customer, without having to walk away to a kiosk or even break eye contact.
  • Remote Collaboration – Theatro enables field leaders to stay in touch with their teams no matter where they are located. This significantly increases a manager’s range of supervision, expanding their management capacity and ensuring that their teams are more aligned and productive.
  • Modernized Security Operations – Attendees of both events will see how Theatro-enabled security professionals can directly communicate with every employee, immediately, and directly in their ear. Likewise, employees can now reach security operations centers in real time, when every second matters, with a simple voice command.

Whether you’ll be at JDA DevCon and JDA ICON or not, you can always contact us directly to schedule a demo on site or over the phone.

Luis Llamas, head of JDA mobility and store, joins Theatro’s SVP, Partners, Verlin Youd for the opening of JDA DEVCON.