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Never Get Ghosted Again

Customer Satisfaction: Never Get Ghosted Again

If the customer is always right, there is no questioning how vital the role an excellent customer experience plays in building brand loyalty and customer satisfaction. To improve these metrics, typically, teams begin by pouring over mountains of data to understand how operational procedures impact overall service levels. Once companies have analyzed their data streams and properly identified areas to improve, they can take action by building a business case to make needed improvements. But what happens when the data that took months to uncover becomes obsolete overnight?


Though this wasn’t the first time retailers found themselves struggling to keep up with customer expectations, never was the gap more apparent than at the onset of the pandemic. No longer were customer loyalties tied solely to their favorite products or brands. Instead, customers shopped at whatever retailer could fulfill their orders at all.


Within mere days, waves of consumers switched from in-person shopping to the already booming e-commerce and BOPIS service channels out of concern for their health and safety. This rapid pivot in customer behavior forced many retailers to implement bespoke processes to meet newfound customer needs. Though it was once a lofty pipe dream for many in the retail space, embracing a digital-first strategy became the key to their success.

73% of consumers will ghost a brand after three or fewer negative customer experiences.

As in-store traffic steadily regains momentum, brands must thoughtfully consider how digital solutions can continue to contribute to their ongoing success in customer satisfaction. Whether online or offline, the reality is that customers still expect every touchpoint in their shopping experience to be nothing short of seamless. In fact, according to a recent Coveo report, “about 73% of consumers will ghost a brand after three or fewer negative customer experiences.”


The only thing worse than a scathing review is losing a customer altogether. So, how can you avoid being ghosted by your customers? At Theatro, we believe your frontline workers are the key. The most effective way to drive brand loyalty and improvements in customer satisfaction is to equip your team to deliver personalized, seamless, and memorable touchpoints every single time. By connecting team members to each other and essential business systems, they have everything they need to exceed service expectations, improve your overall customer satisfaction scores, and keep your customers returning to a store they can trust.


To learn more about how Theatro’s communication solution is helping retailers create seamless shopping experiences, contact us today. 

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