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Seven Ways to Increase Your Team’s Job Satisfaction

Maintaining high job satisfaction levels across frontline teams can be a significant challenge. Yet, it is increasingly important given the findings from a McKinsey report that revealed that one out of five people in the United States works in the retail and hospitality sector, and at least half of frontline retail workers are thinking about quitting. In addition, beyond the potential risk of turnover, another survey found that companies with high worker satisfaction outperform low-satisfaction companies by 202%! How can you Increase Job Satisfaction?

Assuming you’re working to bolster satisfaction and cultivate teams that work in the 202% range, check out the tips below.

1. Invite Feedback, Increase Job Satisfaction and Implement Change

Encourage and genuinely listen to your employees’ feedback. Frontline workers are the eyes and ears of your organization. They interact with your customer base daily and understand what processes do and don’t work on the store floor. Invite them to share their insights on how to improve store operations. If an idea excites you, work to innovate and implement the new process into the business.

In addition, listen to your team’s feedback on what motivates them. According to a recent McKinsey study, there is often a fundamental disconnect between what employers think their employees want and what they actually want. Thus, strong and consistent communication is needed to avoid these potential pitfalls.

2. Build a Culture of Recognition

Who doesn’t like to be noticed when they’ve been going above and beyond? Regularly highlighting successes on a daily, monthly, and annual basis will inspire your team to work harder and strive to achieve. This also demonstrates that you value all that they do for the company.

Likewise, you can easily celebrate an individual’s hard work with the whole team every time goals are met. This may also inspire healthy competition between team members, encouraging each to become a top performer to earn rewards such as gift cards or company swag.

3. Encourage Career Development

Employees perform better and stay engaged when there are growth opportunities. Whether through encouragement to deepen skillsets or by providing them with tracks for upward mobility, give them real opportunities to learn and show what they’ve got.

Frontline workers who receive a clear roadmap to promotion and are incentivized to grow in their roles will become more motivated to do their best work every day. 

4. Keep Your Team Informed

When people feel like an integral part of the team, engagement skyrockets. Thus, keeping your team updated about the latest company news is critical. On the other hand, engagement plummets when they’re consistently left out of the loop about important updates such as product promotions or special events.

And if you’re thinking the old breakroom bulletin board will cut it, most of your employees miss updates posted there entirely. This is why the right frontline technology is such a game-changer. With the right tools, you can ensure your employees receive critical updates in real-time and stay in the know.

5. Automate Tedious Processes

Nobody should have to or wants to work harder than needed to complete a job… especially if the job is repetitive or tedious. This is why process automation is vital when seeking to impact employee engagement.

Innovative technology in your workplace can digitally transform your processes and allow store operations to run as efficiently as possible. By digitizing workflows, daily tasks become more manageable and your employees are freed up to focus their time and energy on other high-value responsibilities.

6. Empower Your Employees

No one likes being micromanaged, and demonstrating trust will go a long way! Every employee aspires to a certain level of power and responsibility within their organization—so, give it to them.

Encouraging team members to exercise autonomy will help them feel empowered, and stores will benefit from increased employee productivity and morale. Instead of micromanaging or drowning them under tedious task lists, give them room to make a mistake or try a new approach. This increases their openness to receive coaching when it’s needed.

7. Set Clear Goals

In tandem with trusting your employees, it is important to be clear and direct with expectations. Thus, set clear goals that can be accomplished daily, monthly or quarterly.

Not only does this provide a great way to measure performance but setting achievable goals can also literally make workers happier. After all, who doesn’t love that quick hit of dopamine the brain gets from reaching a goal?

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