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Manager Effectiveness: Leading from Multiple Places at Once

Digital orders for curbside service or in-store pickup show no signs of slowing down heading into the summer months. Even as reports reveal that over 51.5% of adults in the US have received at least one round of a COVID-19 vaccine, orders for Buy Online Pickup in Store (BOPIS) or curbside service remain at the top of digital sales channels for many retailers.

This week during Tractor Supply Company’s quarterly earnings call, the retailer’s CEO, Hal Lawton, proudly announced that approximately 75% of their digital sales came from orders placed for curbside or BOPIS. The key to their success? Legendary customer service and order fulfillment powered by a connected team.

In 2020, many retailers rushed to cobble together a curbside offering to keep doors open for business. However, it didn’t take them long to realize that throwing additional labor at the problem was not a sustainable or cost-effective option. Tractor Supply Co, on the other hand, moved quickly to develop a more innovative approach. Implementing many new technologies, including Theatro’s communication solution, across their entire chain allowed TCS to develop curbside and BOPIS fulfillment processes in order to serve more customers and deliver next-level customer service.  

Within moments of receiving an order, team members receive an alert straight to their Theatro communicator. Then, once a team member acknowledges the order, they can retrieve the item(s) and drop off the completed order in a BOPIS locker. The customer is alerted that the order is ready and enabled to notify the store when they are on their way, allowing swift delivery upon arrival with customer names and vehicle descriptions sent straight to the ears of fulfillment teams.

Theatro’s collaboration platform enables retailers to deploy new applications to quickly meet market demands and customer expectations. Using an in-ear intelligent assistant to facilitate concise communication between individuals, groups, departments, districts, regions, and headquarters effectively creates a chain of stores-without-walls and a mobile management platform for verbal reminders, integration with external systems, and detailed insight to execution and standardized service benchmarks.

With Theatro, you can build a differentiated Curbside operation that provides an efficient and convenient service and deepens customer relationships to build continued loyalty. To learn how you can get started, connect with Theatro’s sales team today.