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Loyalty Programs Built to Win with the Power of Voice

Leveraging Key Differentiators to Promote Loyalty with Loyalty Programs

A loyalty program that’s done right can be one of your brand’s key differentiators—a powerful strategy that can help you attract and retain long-term customers. Yet, organizations are struggling to build authentic customer loyalty—with ever-increasing customer demands and evolving expectations, it isn’t as simple as simply giving out monetary rewards like a discount voucher anymore.

According to Astute, 65% of respondents would become long-term customers of a brand if they can provide positive experiences throughout the customer journey.1  So, when looking to optimize your loyalty program’s success, focusing on enhancing the customer experience and improving communication are amongst the key factors that dictate its success.

The problem is, communication between store leadership and team members is often a multi-step process that wastes valuable time, while crucial information gets lost in translation.

Store managers who lack the tools to communicate and coordinate with their employees end up with a team that’s ill-informed, disengaged, and unproductive. Meanwhile, customers are left unaware of important rewards reminders, updates, and benefits.

Why do most loyalty programs underperform?

Implementing a Programmatic Approach for Loyalty Programs

To enable in-store employees to consistently promote the benefits of a loyalty program to customers and increase sign-ups, organizations are implementing a programmatic approach that leverages in-ear voice-activated mobile technology to solve the problem. Rather than a set-and-forget approach, it requires a team to stay updated on timed information about promotions, benefits, and updates released throughout a specific time period. In-ear voice technology ensures that such a program can be successful and achieve or exceed sign-up targets. Theatro’s mobile collaboration platform brings together the advantages of a voice-controlled in-ear mobile computer and new workforce-optimized apps to bridge the communication gap between leaders, team members and their customers. With Theatro, in-store employees gain access to strategically timed information regarding upcoming promotions, updates, and benefits of your loyalty member program through real-time communication. As a result, not only will your team be able to achieve their loyalty program enrolment goals, but they also won’t miss any opportunity of increasing customer lifetime value—even if it is a team member’s first day on the job. To find out how you can get started, connect with Theatro’s sales team today.