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Hitting the Jackpot on Fast Guest Service

Hit the Jackpot on Fast Guest Service

Are there areas on your property where you could gain efficiencies? Is your property operating at full speed? If you could speed up service without sacrificing the guest experience, what would that mean for your property? In our fast-paced world, guests want what they want, and they want it now! 

Check out our list of 3 tips to help you speed up service and hit the jackpot in guest experience and gained efficiencies in your casino: 

It’s a busy weekend. Your property is at max occupancy, and it seems like everyone wants to check-in at the same time. The check-in line is long, your guests aren’t on the floor yet, and your front desk personnel has no way to call for backup. This situation isn’t exactly what most would consider a good first impression. The fix? By connecting front desk personnel to the bellman or management for backup, you can expedite check-ins and get your guests onto the floor faster, leading to happier guests and higher guest experience scores. That’s a win for everybody! 

Casino guests have high expectations when it comes to their drink service. They expect servers to regularly deliver drinks to their location, as attentive drink service can be a large part of their guest experience. However, despite tighter labor constraints and servers feeling stretched thin, they are still responsible for quickly covering a large portion of the casino at all times with a smile. Sure, servers circulate around the slot machines pretty regularly, but what about attending to pit players who may feel ignored Connecting servers to bartenders and pit bosses with communication devices can have a considerable impact on the guest experience and the team member experience. After all, happy guests mean higher tips for servers too.

The bells start ringing, the lights start flashing! It takes a moment for it to sink in. Someone hit a JACKPOT!!! Hitting the jackpot is the most exciting time for a casino guest. Depending on the payout amount, many things need to happen quickly without killing the energy. Before you can get the machine back online as soon as possible, there are many people to assemble. Most of the time, a slot supervisor needs to be present, you need to contact surveillance to confirm that there was no malfunction, and you might even want a host and security present depending on the level of winnings. Did someone say paperwork? Of course, your team will need to obtain identification and fill out IRS paperwork, all while keeping energy levels high. After all, acing a jackpot payout can become an opportunity for a great guest experience. So, if everyone in the casino can call in “Hello Jackpot,” sending notifications to appropriate team members about jackpot location and amount is easy. Plus, paperwork can be assembled and taken to the guest to save time, your guest can get back to playing again, and your machines are offline for less time.

Getting Started

Now imagine if your team members could communicate with each other at all times. Reducing check-in times, cutting down on drink service delays, and handling jackpot payouts faster would just be the start. With Theatro’s mobile collaboration platform, every team member on property can communicate with other team members, groups, on-property experts, and the leaders they need to do their job better and faster than ever.   Interested in learning more? Connect with our Casino team today to schedule a demo!