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Continuing Innovation: 3 Ways to Build Upon Digital Transformation Investments​

After a year spent investing in digital capabilities and reimagining how teams operate stores, streamline processes and serve customers, retailers now have an opportunity to build upon their investments in innovation.

For most retailers last year, the idea of “digital transformation” quickly shifted from an overused buzz term to a means of operational survival. Not only did retailers need to digitally transform how customers could place orders on their mobile app or e-commerce platform, but they also needed to accommodate new customer service demands like Curbside pickup and BOPIS.

While the pandemic certainly influenced how quickly retailers needed to align capabilities to meet changes in customer expectations, moving forward, there are massive opportunities available to retailers to continue building upon the investments they made in new technologies, applications and capabilities.

3 Ways to Build Upon Digital Transformation Investments

Check out our list of 3 ways retailers can add value to investments made to transform store operations and the customer experience digitally:

1. Deepen Brand Loyalty: Introducing new or improved mobile applications provided customers with a convenient option to place orders online and even coordinate pick-up details to ensure smooth fulfillment. However, the benefits of customers using a brand’s mobile app don’t stop there. In a recent interview, Glenn Allison, Tractor Supply Co’s VP of AI, Data & Innovation, shared why app users are among the brand’s most loyal customers. In addition to building customer loyalty in stores with Theatro by providing legendary customer service, the Tractor Supply Co mobile app also plays a vital role in the financial success of their “Neighbor’s Club” loyalty program. Neighbor’s Club members who use the retailer’s app tend to shop more frequently and have a higher ticket average than non-club members.

2. Drive continued innovation: Now that customers have grown accustomed to the strides in innovation retailers can and will take to keep their business, it is unlikely that they will ever expect anything less. Fortunately, driving continued innovation should not be equated with spending huge sums on temporary or expensive technologies. As an increasing number of customers return to brick-and-mortar stores to shop, strategic innovation should focus on leveraging the potential of retail’s most valuable asset, the frontline employee. As the face of the brand, frontline employees need to be connected to each other and to critical enterprise systems to do their jobs well. Once connected, team members can become the key to help stores continue innovating by streamlining processes and service capabilities.

3. Improve Customer Satisfaction: Customers expect every touchpoint in their shopping experience to be nothing short of seamless. Whether shopping in-store, picking up items at the curb or using a retailer’s mobile app, the right technology is critical in helping brands exceed customer expectations and achieve unparalleled customer satisfaction. Equipping team members with in-ear technology enables them to fulfill orders and assist customers attentively and efficiently in any department. Additionally, retailers should optimize mobile apps for seamless experiences to make shopping, checking loyalty club status, and redeeming rewards simple for any user.

Theatro’s mobile collaboration platform enables retailers to deepen brand loyalty, drive continued innovation, and deliver unparalleled customer experiences. By equipping every frontline team member with an in-ear mobile communication device, they gain access to each other, store experts, leaders and critical enterprise systems while working heads up and hands-free. To learn more about Theatro or connect with a member of our team, contact us today.