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All We Want For Christmas Are a Few New Apps

As the year comes to a close there’s no better time to look back and reflect on all the hard work Theatro’s product management and engineering teams have put in over the last few months. From new functionality enhancements for Theatro’s core platform, to rolling out exciting new workforce-enabled apps, these new capabilities are already demonstrating clear impact with early adopting customers. With seamless experiences and operational excellence always our objective, we look forward to introducing new apps more broadly over the coming year.

Outside-The-Box Services: Product Check

The newest jewel in our workforce-optimized app crown is our OTB Product Check App, which allows users to issue a product check request in another store(s) through Theatro. Offered as either a stand-alone app or integrated to a retailer’s inventory management system, the Intelligent Voice Assistant will find an associate to locate the inventory item in a store of the initiator’s choosing or automatically based on inventory availability, depending on which version of the app is deployed. Theatro opens direct communication between the initiating and responding associates for question resolution and discussion of next steps. With the launch of the Outside -the-Box suite, store associates can finally untether from their landline phones and connect directly to the right person at the right time, not just within their own four walls, but with the broader peer group across the enterprise.

Upgraded Inventory Lookup App

Store associates have been able to use Theatro Inventory App Suite to check inventory availability and price without leaving their customer to find a kiosk or terminal for some time now. But our Inventory Lookup app just got better!  Through further integration to inventory systems, associates now can also use Theatro’s Intelligent Voince Assistant to locate the merchandise within the store, eliminating the need to walk to search the store for a specific item. Getting product into shoppers’ hands faster is the name of the game, and we’re continually looking for ways to do that better.

Theatro’s Recognition Suite, featuring Kudos and Automated Recognition

Recognition is key to improving employee morale and decreasing costly turnover. Theatro’s Recognition Apps enable store leadership and associates to record messages of appreciation for a group, an individual, or the entire store with a quick verbal command. The Theatro Intelligent Voice Assistant sends reminders to encourage management to deliver recognition per the company’s recommended standard operating procedures if they haven’t already done so. Automate birthday, work anniversary, and other special occasion messages to recipients and their teams, so their coworkers are all aware when a big day is upon them. There’s no better way to establish a culture of positive reinforcement and interpersonal engagement, boosting morale and employee engagement along the way.

Bluetooth® Low-Energy Asset Tag Integration

As the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to open doors for operational innovation, Theatro is aggressively moving to take advantage of these opportunities. As part of our most recent integration, we gave Theatro users the ability to use their Intelligent Voice Assistant to locate BLE-tagged assets with the help of our new and improved Asset Location App. Instead of walking the store to find the equipment you need, let Theatro find it for you, instantly.

Theatro en Español

It’s official, Theatro’s conversational platform, Intelligent Voice Assistant, and workforce-optimized apps now speak Spanish! This marks the second language in which Theatro is available, after the debut of French in 2018, to assist our growing base of global customers.

Reach out to info@theatro.com for more information, or schedule time to see a demo at the NRF Big Show January 12-14, 2020 in New York City.

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