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Accelerating Innovative Speed of Service

Imagine the speed of service you could achieve with the right solution.

Over the past year, retail innovation focused on speed of service, safety, and accelerating operational changes faster than ever before. As stores across the globe reimagined operational procedures to meet health and safety guidelines, many retailers found that new systems could be implemented within weeks that would have taken years under normal circumstances. But it certainly didn’t take long for businesses to realize that makeshift processes for contactless order fulfillment could only meet service demands for so long.

The key? Retailers leaned heavily on new advanced technologies and applications to enable safe and smooth operations. By implementing the right solutions, businesses began noticing how customer satisfaction in service speed, customer convenience, and overall service quality increased drastically.

There is no question that offerings such as curbside service and quick in-store pickups will have lasting impacts on customer shopping behaviors and expectations. Even retailers that have since reopened their doors for in-person business are noticing the lag in the return of in-store shoppers because many customers had grown accustomed to the speed of service they received by ordering items ahead of time. Fortunately, there is room for retailers to continue innovating operations alongside demand to create the experience customers have come to expect—both inside and curbside.

Looking at how quickly retail innovation has progressed in the past year, imagine what could be possible by the end of 2021. Retailers are likely to continue choosing technology solutions with the most significant impact on operational efficiencies and customer satisfaction. By enhancing employee communication, implementing AI technology, or integrating enterprise solutions, retailers can meet their goals and achieve innovation levels with real, lasting power.

Theatro’s heads up and hands-free solution helps businesses unlock the value of their most valuable asset, the frontline employee. To find out more about how Theatro’s innovative solution enables retailers to improve service speed and surpass customer expectations, contact us today.