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A New Kind of Black Friday: Theatro Intelligent Assistant Supports Thousands of Customer Transactions

As we speed through the holiday season it has become very apparent that services that were once a footnote in the retail playbook are now crucial forces in meeting shopper expectations. This was confirmed by Black Friday 2020 breaking spending records with web purchases hitting $9.0 billion, an increase of 21.6% year over year, according to Adobe Analytics data. Theatro uses an Intelligent Virtual Assistant to help. 

COVID-19 created a new Black Friday experience this year. In-store shopping remained a focal point, but with masks and safety precautions in place to ensure the health of shoppers and employees. Meanwhile, in-store and curbside pickup services increased substantially as well. Curbside pickup, or Click-and-Collect, became the preferred method of delivery, with an increase of 52% in curbside services over last year, Adobe Analytics reports. Additionally, retailers that offered online ordering and curbside pickup saw a 31% increase in sales over the Thanksgiving holiday. With the holiday season being a more digital experience this year, as well as continued shipping delays, those numbers are projected to continue to increase throughout December.

Intelligent Virtual Assistant

At Theatro, we know that keeping teams connected in order to deliver exceptional experiences is not a “nice to have,” but a critical requirement. The increase in service delivery options begets the complexity to maintain service levels and productivity across the store. A fully connected team can make the difference between winning and losing.

Theatro’s customers were no exception when it comes to the increases in Black Friday spending and support for in-store shoppers and curbside delivery. Theatro’s Intelligent Assistant, a mobile communications platform, helped retailers handle the huge influx of shoppers while improving speed of service and enhancing the customer experience without sacrificing productivity. Over the Black Friday weekend, the Theatro platform handled more than 365,000 requests for employee assistance with responses to the request coming in at an incredibly fast rate of 27 seconds! These requests and fast responses ensure orders are fulfilled and delivered fast, customers get help when they need it and employees are enabled to help more customers with their purchases.

In a traditional scenario without Theatro, those interactions would have averaged three minutes each – creating a huge drain on productivity and degrading the ability to deliver on customer requests efficiently. Theatro empowered our retail customers to increase their overall speed to service and handle more than triple the number of transactions and customer interactions.

With the surge in holiday shopping, retailers must find ways to meet customer expectations without sacrificing profitability. Theatro is confident that their retail partners will continue to exceed their service levels and have the ability to efficiently deliver on customer expectations of speed and quality service.

For more information on how Theatro can help you improve your customer experience, increase productivity and deliver enterprise-wide communications, contact us today at sales@theatro.com.