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News Release: Theatro Shines in 2024 RIS Software Leaderboard with 9 Top Rankings

Excelling Again in Technology Innovation, ROI, and Customer Satisfaction

Dallas, TX – December 20, 2023 – Theatro, a leader in voice-enabled mobile communication solutions, announces its impressive performance in the 2024 RIS Software Leaderboard. This prestigious annual retail customer satisfaction survey of the industry’s top software vendors, conducted by RIS, highlights Theatro’s formidable presence in retail technology. Demonstrating its ongoing commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, Theatro has been acknowledged as the #1 Leader in Technology Innovation by Tier 1 retailers, with a perfect 5.0 score, a testament to its consistent leadership and excellence in delivering software solutions for retailers.

Theatro’s continued leadership in software technology innovation for retail demonstrates its dedication to delivering impactful solutions in the ever-evolving retail landscape. This year, Theatro released innovative solutions for the safety and security of in-store teams, QR Codes for Customer Assistance, and applied GenAI to Theatro’s Intelligent Virtual Assistant, enabling every employee to be an expert from day one.  Chris Todd, CEO of Theatro, reflects on this achievement: “Our team’s unwavering commitment and collaboration with customers have been pivotal in securing these top positions on the RIS Software Leaderboard yet again this year. We are deeply honored by this industry recognition and remain dedicated to continually advancing retail software technology innovation.”

Theatro achieved top 5 rankings in 29 of the 31 evaluated categories, demonstrating its impact in providing exceptional value and advancing retail technology adoption. The 2024 Leaderboard results are a strong indication of Theatro’s dedication to innovation, performance, return on investment, and service quality. This is further evidenced by its nine number one rankings in critical Tier 1 categories, complemented by six perfect scores of 5.0, illustrating Theatro’s integral role in revolutionizing retail communication technology.

Leadership in six categories with #1 rankings and perfect scores of 5.0:

  • Leader in Return on Investment by Tier 1
  • Leader in Technology Innovation by Tier 1
  • Leader in Ease of Installation/Integration by Tier 1
  • Leader in Quality of Support by Tier 1
  • Leader in Quality of Service by Tier 1
  • Leader in Recommendation by Tier 1

The RIS News Software Leaderboard is an esteemed annual evaluation compiled by an independent research firm. It serves as a benchmark in the retail industry, offering an exhaustive comparison of software vendors based on a comprehensive customer satisfaction survey. This report is a vital tool for organizations considering the implementation of new technology solutions in the retail sector.

Theatro’s distinction in software technology innovation for top-tier retailers is a result of its comprehensive understanding of innovation for retail. It’s not just about cutting-edge technology but also about nurturing each customer relationship to uncover innovative solutions that add value to their employees and store operations. Theatro’s relentless pursuit of collaborative innovation with its customers is what drives its continuous high rankings for innovation and customer satisfaction. It’s this customer-focused and cooperative approach that has once again earned Theatro top positions on this coveted leaderboard.

“Based on these impressive achievements, Theatro’s outstanding performance this year firmly establishes them as an industry leader in software technology for retail. Ranking in the top 5 across 29 categories and achieving nine #1 rankings by Tier 1 Retailers, including technology innovation, overall performance, and return on investment, is a clear reflection of their excellence in service, innovation, and customer value,” states Jamie Grill-Goodman, editor-in-chief, RIS News.

Theatro ranked in a total of 31 categories and in the top 5 of 29 categories, along with achieving six perfect scores of 5.0 in this year’s leaderboards. To view the full 2024 RIS Software Leaderboard and each of Theatro’s rankings, click here.

About Theatro

Theatro, pioneers of the first voice-enabled Mobile Communication Platform, is driving Digital Transformation for the hourly workforce with its powerful suite of Collaboration Apps and Digital Workflows powered by GenAI. With its “Heads Up & Hands-Free” As-a-Service solution, Theatro helps enterprises unlock their frontline’s full potential and accelerate business success by enabling them to automate manual or multi-step processes which improve productivity, operational efficiency, employee engagement, and the customer experience. For more information, visit [https://www.theatro.com](https://www.theatro.com).