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Manager Effectiveness: Leading from Multiple Places at Once

A store’s success is ultimately determined by its managers’ effectiveness. When managers lead effectively, team members feel engaged, and they become empowered to deliver service that leads to excellent customer satisfaction. And while those on the frontline are typically considered the face of a brand, behind every successful team member is a diligent manager who keeps a watchful eye over the entire operation.   

In a day when retailers are expected to constantly evolve to meet customer expectations, it is no surprise that major retailers are investing heavily in leadership development to improve manager effectiveness. Best Buy, for example, has implemented new practices to encourage empathetic leadership instead of sympathetic management. The retailer uses “inclusive leadership behaviors” so they can make practical changes to impact operational excellence.   

even the most proactive or empathetic leaders struggle with the same hurdle—communicating needs in real-time.

From pre-shift meetings to midday huddles, managers who proactively and empathetically communicate with their associates find that their team performs more efficiently, delivers better service, and ultimately creates a more positive in-store environment for shoppers. Yet, time and time again, we find that even the most proactive or empathetic leaders struggle with the same hurdle—communicating needs in real-time. Too often, leaders feel the need to be in too many places at once because they cannot reach team members when they need help in the moment.  

When a leader gets bogged down by mundane tasks, they lose the ability to focus on the big picture and operations suffer. So, how can they avoid this leadership pitfall? How can they align their team to accomplish smaller tasks in real-time like an urgent customer request, call for register backup, or request curbside order fulfillment? By implementing strategic IoT technology, managers can communicate needs as if they were in multiple places at once. Plus, managers benefit from an empowered team as every employee also gains the ability to communicate in real-time to anyone like they would at home if they were talking to Siri or Alexa.   

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